View Full Version : Cavalier Walk postponed /dog agility event Sept 3rd

25th August 2006, 06:37 PM
I intend to do our monthly Dublin cavalier walk on the first Sunday of the month but this month, there's a dog agility event on that day! So I am going to suggest we hold it the Sunday after, rather than on the third.

For people who want to have a really fun day out, why not come over to the agility show at the IKC Dog Show Centre next Sunday, the 3rd of September? I will add a map here so anyone unfamiliar with where this is can find it -- but it is on the Belfast/Swords road heading out past the airport. Once you go through that last Dublin Airport roundabout, about a minute or so later you come to another roundabout and you take the third exit (eg not left towards Swords, not staright ahead, but the exit on the other side of the road heading east). There's almost immediately a turn-in road to the left and that's the entrance to the show hall. They sometimes charge some small amount for parking there. This would be really fun for kids and adults alike to watch. There's a small dog division too! There's full agility courses, courses awith jumps, etc. Usually there are vendors with all sorts of dog stuff to buy too, so bring cash.

This starts at 9am. Best to leave dogs at home -- you don't want to cause any unexpected embarrassments like having a barking dog confuse a competing dog running the course, or have a dog break loose and run onto the course. Generally this is true of the shows as well -- proper etiquette is to leave your own doglets at home and come enjoy the ones on display. :thmbsup:

I am planning to get out there for 10 t0 11ish to watch for a while.

27th August 2006, 12:04 AM
We're planning on popping over to see some agility, or at least to check out the doggy merchandise :D