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28th August 2006, 12:47 PM
Has anyone else experienced excessive drooling when your Cavalier is in the company of other cavaliers.

We had a playdate yesterday with a few members from the board, once we arrived the first thing Dudley did was mark inside the house. icon_blshing more than once.

In total we had 4 cavaliers, which two were mine.
Dudley was drooling quite a bit, my question is we were planning on going to a cavalier picnic within the next 2 weeks. I am having second thoughts about going now. If Dudley was stressing with 4 dogs what might happen to him in amongst 100 cavaliers. :( :( :( :(

He did this also when we went to visit Darby back in May of this year, my breeder informed me then that he was stressed. I recall also when I asked her if she thought that I should bring Dudley when coming to pick Darby up she said it would probably be hard on him and it would be better to let them meet on neuteral ground.

In your opinion do you think by taking Dudley to a picnic with that many dogs is a good idea. After I returned home and told my husband what happened to him, he does not want him to go. We are worried that something serious could happen to him, Finns mom suggested giving him some homepathic rescue remedy.

Any suggestions, is this normal ???????????????

28th August 2006, 02:10 PM
YES!! Our second cavalier drooled for days after we got our third-- we got our forth a couple of weeks later and he drooled again. Now he does much better (after he got a lot of exposure from the rescues etc...). They do learn to deal with new experiences.

Cathy Moon
28th August 2006, 05:32 PM
I would work very slowly and patiently to help him overcome his fear / anxiety by starting out with very short, controlled 30 minute or less visits with only one or two well-behaved dogs to slowly desensitize him. Keep the visits positive and upbeat by giving him praise and treats (in such a way that the other dogs aren't competing for his treats, though!) for good behavior. I would not increase the length of the visit or the number of dogs he is around until he is relatively stress free on a short visit with 1-2 dogs who respect each other.

Maybe it would be possible to enlist the help of a professional dog trainer, or there are several good dog training books that address fears and anxiety.

I was reading something by a well-known dog trainer (can't remember which one), to explain how to help a dog overcome anxiety. She said if a person had a spider phobia, putting that person in a room full of spiders would do nothing to desensitize him/her. But using calming music, relaxation techniques, etc. and working slowly from viewing photos or videos of a spider, then just one real spider, then maybe eventually touching one spider, etc. would be more helpful.

It might be disappointing if you can't take Dudley to the picnic, but if you keep working with him, he might be ready to attend next year.

I have been working with my dog Geordie to help build his confidence with agility. He's come a long way, but we still have situations arise when we have more work to do. :flwr:

Finns Family
28th August 2006, 07:52 PM
LOL!!!!! I cracked up when I read this Linda :lol:

At least Dudley had the courtesy to mark on the smooth floors and not the carpet! Also - we enjoyed the visit far too much to worry about it.

I hope you get the drool thing figured out, mainly because it means he is not comfortable and it would be nice for him to be anxiety free but also because we would love to see oyu at the picnic.

Dudley is an absolute love and boy does he ever smell good! Dudley and Darby are welcome back anytime they like - and you and Derek can come along too I guess :p .

28th August 2006, 10:48 PM
It was so wonderful to finally get to meet with you yesterday Linda!!

Poor little Dudley - I really hope you get everything all figured out and are able to attend the picnic. :) I hate to see Dudley all stressed out. At least he and Kos played a little bit yesterday..

And then there were the 2 nuts running in circles throughout the garden . . :yikes :yikes :yikes Darby is such a funny little guy. :) Both of them melt my heart. ;)

We enjoyed our time so much yesterday. I think Kosmo was definately in Cavalier heaven! :) Thanks so much for meeting up with us!! :)

28th August 2006, 11:55 PM
Charlie drools terribly around other dogs or in strange places too :( Every time we visit Alison he soaks her floor with drool :roll: .

I'm sure with him though he worries that everytime we go somewhere new, he's going to be abandoned to a new home :( This isn't going to happen of course as we all love him dearly :flwr: - especially when he jumps up and tries to pinch our dinner off the table :roll: icon_whistling :lol:

I've tried using the DAP diffuser with him when he gets stressed at home and it seems to work. Maybe you could try the spray with Dudley when you take him out? I'm thinking of getting one for visiting purposes. We also use Rescue Remedy and it does seem to help :D xxxxx