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29th August 2006, 05:34 PM
Our store is kinda well known for selling Dr. Harveys pet foods...especially his bird food, which all our birds are on...plus my own and every1 who works there...Its all natural no fillers, real nuts/fruit/veggies/and grains...well he also has a dog food, but its not like the regualr kibble. Its a food that u have to cook and add ur own protein and oil to make it complete... plus he has a just veggie mix to spice up the dog kibble

When we got our previous order in last week, he sent some sample of the food and veggie mix for our pups...but he sent so much that she gave any1 who wanted a bag some...which is a 20oz bag that usually costs like $15 (yea its expensive) so I figured King would enjoy a treat in his food...I only give him 1/2 the recommended amount for his weight cuz im still giving him his normal kibble..but he loves this stuff but Im not goin to continue giving it to him after the bag is finished, which he knows, cuz it is expensive but if we get anymore sample bags again he'll get it that way..

Just thought I'd see if any1 else has used or heard of Dr. Harvey's pet foods http://www.drharveys.com/home.asp

Cathy Moon
29th August 2006, 11:44 PM
Aaron, interesting food - I've never heard of it before. The patties type is made of tripe, and I remember reading on this site about someone's mother cooking tripe for the dogs when she was young.

Just wondering how new it is and if there have been any ratings on it.

The evolution of dog food is interesting to me. I can remember when Iams and Eukanuba were considered to be top grade dog foods, now these brands sold in the grocery stores and considered to be mediocre.

30th August 2006, 04:11 AM
Cathy his foods are that new, I mean my birds have been on his food for bout I believe like 6-7 yrs... Also we've had his dog food there for I believe like 4-5 yrs mayb more..but I know what u mean that's y every1 knows of Iams and Eukanuba but when u mention foods like EVO, Solid Gold, Merrick, Wellness and a few others ppl never heard of them... but say food like Purina, Sci Diet, Iams/Eukanuba and every1 who's wat that is.... But from seen in every new holistic food that comes out its gettin better and better... so hopefully ppl's views on feeding their dogs will change wit time... Plus u wouldn't believe how many ppl say "Their just dogs, why feed them human-grade foods, their just dogs" then most of ther time I usually add "Well their not just dogs their members of your family and should be treated like one. Would you feed ur child junk food everyday for the rest of his/her life"

Well all our pups at the store are fed Solid Gold puppy with either the NBL roll or Vets Choice/Solid Gold canned food....so we get ppl who want to purchase of a pup who will sometimes refuse to buy the foods their own...well then we tell them that all our animals cannot leave our store unless they go home wit the foods their used too..which should be the case with any pet store...

Well all that kinda didn't real need to be stated but thought it was good to through it in there to show some ppls response to dog foods