View Full Version : true words for all fussy eaters.

30th August 2006, 08:26 PM
just thought i should direct all of you with fussy pups to a very good bit of advice given to me because i posted about my pup jadan not eating. i have followed it to the letter and jadan has eaten two days on the trot after refusing his food on and off since we brought him home at 8 weeks. a really bad start but hopefully now we are on track. he is now five and half months so it was going on for quite a while and all MY fault. i know it will continue to work because i can see a difference in jadans character already. thankyou kaylin and the others who gave similar advice. the posting is under "general discussion" and then under "have i cracked it". please read it and believe me i am sooo greatfull. thanks a million. it all sounds such common sense now. (my spelling is dreadfull!) hope you dont mind kalin. but i have read so many different ways of dealing with this problem but your advice really worked and made sense. thanks. xxxxx :) :p :) :p :) :p