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31st August 2006, 05:59 PM
i was walking cookie on her afternoon walk and there was this cavalier running in the road but noone was about.

I knew that there was a cavalier rufus that lived further down the road but werent sure if this was him. Newayz, the cav was playing with cookie and then ran off down the next road! I sent my friend to go follow him and i went to find an owner. I knocked on the house (i guessed) owned rufus to see if that was him and LUCKILY it was rufus we found!!!

It was soo lucky we spotted him though cos they didnt even realise he was missing and the roads they live in gets very busy in rushhour too

31st August 2006, 06:10 PM
That's great that you found him!

It must be the day for escaping cavaliers -- I was out walking mine and talking to some neighbours when a very fraught woman came up and asked if I'd seen a ruby cavalier running by -- he'd escaped from her house on a very busy road. We hadn't, and she went off again before I could get her name or address, just in case. then 10 minutes later another woman stops me to comment on my doglets and say, you don't know anyone with a red one of those? She had just found him further down the road and a friend had taken him in, and they notified the pound. So hopefully they will be reunited.

31st August 2006, 06:40 PM
Yet 2 more examples of why our beloved furbabies should ALWAYS have a collar and ID tags on!

I'm glad both Cavs were rounded up and taken care of!