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1st September 2006, 08:21 PM
Can anyone recommend a good puppy food that I can get in UK?. I've read a lot of posts on here regarding good quality puppy food but don't recognise any of the brands. My Charlie is on James Wellbeloved at the moment but he's not eating and hasn't been for a few days now :yikes . i'm getting worried as he's quite skinny to me and I didn't see any of his brothers or sisters to compare the sizes. He's got his first visit to the vets tommorow and i'm gonna ask the vet what he thinks but was just wondering if there was a better food for him?
He was also pooing a little blood when we first got him the breeder said this was normal (stress related) but he hasn't really eaten properly since we got him last saturday. I tried him on chicken and boiled rice and this just made him really loose and he was only really picking the chicken out anyway, so I stopped the rice and added a little chicken to his dried kibble, but he still continues to pick the chicken out and wont eat the kibble :sl*p: .
I'm reluctant to keep changing his food so I stuck to this for the last 3 days but he's still only picking the chicken and today he's been reluctant to even eat that!!
I'm quite worried and would be really grateful for any advice
thanks in advance

2nd September 2006, 04:02 PM
Blood in his poo would not be normal. I would guess given his age that he may have worms and worming would help his appetite as well. They often cause blood in stools in puppies. I haven;t really heard of stress causing blood in poo.

Your vet will be able to advise on all of this.

James wellbeloved is a good food and there's advice on some other threads on feeding puppies who decide not to eat. This can be more behavioural than anything else but you need to see a vet to be sure this isn;t illness related -- and you'll know more once you've spoen to the vet.

Just give him a bit of boiled chicken if that is what he is willing to eat, until you get the all clear from the vet. And be sure he is getting lots of water.

2nd September 2006, 07:16 PM
Hi Karlin, He had his first vet visit today, he has a poorly tummy which was quite tender/swollen the vet said so she has given us some tinned food for him to settle it down and he absolutely whoofed the lot every time I've given it to him which is such a relief :D . He hasn't got a temp/heart sounds fine etc and overall is quite healthy apart from a few little ear mites which the vet's treated, and he's also a little under weight which is probably due to not being able to eat poor thing. He had 2 injections 1 antibiotic and 1 anti inflammitry (excuse spelling)!.
We also bought a dap diffuser and it's amazing how much he's perked up since coming home. I'm just so happy to see him eating :D :D
Thankyou for your concern, :flwr: hopefully things will continue to improve for him now.

2nd September 2006, 10:23 PM
Hi Estelle,

Sorry, I've only just seen this thread. I'm glad Charlie is perking up a bit. What a worry for you :(

JWB is a good food and mine were on it for quite a while. I've now changed to Burns as it is lower in fats and they have an ethical policy to animal testing. My two wolf it down everytime.

You can get mini bites for pups in Burns if you are interested. But whatever you do you need to make the transition slowly.

Glad your little man is eating again anyway :) Don't forget we need pics as soon as you have time ;) :)