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2nd September 2006, 02:54 PM
jadan is just ;) getting used to the idea that he has to eat what is put out for him or nothing. has eaten at least one meal a day, if not both for the last four days. :p :) :D however because i am trying to get him to eat his meals he isnt being given any treats in between for a short while as advised. i am not sure if training should count, so does anyone train with out using food treats and if so what and how? :p :p :?

2nd September 2006, 03:26 PM
Lots of enthusiastic praise! Or reward by giving him a change to chew on a toy he loves, for example, that you keep in your hand. And if he has gone a week with eating, start again on tiny food rewards for training. Pieces should always be minute anyway -- maybe a single piece of kibble or very small bits of meat or cheese. Mine are delighted with bits of cheese only about an eighth or a quarter of an inch cubed.

2nd September 2006, 05:07 PM
Yu can buey a small bag of different food and give him that as a treet. Just one corn in a time.

2nd September 2006, 10:32 PM
Yu can buey a small bag of different food and give him that as a treet. Just one corn in a time.

That's a good idea.

I know someone who gets great results with cheerios, just one cheerio per reward. Dog thinks it's gourmet. I haven't tried it.

For treats i've been using Merrick's Lamb filets, they are flat squares made of lamb lung and supposed to be ok for human consumption. i break it up in to tiny pieces about the size of my finger little fingernail. Zack considers this a major treat.

i've heard that intermittent treats are better than giving a treat every time during training, so that one time, the dog gets a treat for obeying and the next time he gets lavish praise, or gets his back scratched in a place he likes. give a treat every few times, a tiny treat. but more often, give praise, play tug o war with him (zack adores that), kiss him, rub his back, etc, each of these being a discrete nonfood treat. whatever floats his boat. :)

i dont' know if this is controversial--to give intermittent food treats instead of every time--i read it somewhere on the net, i think it was on a clicker training site.

even when you feel free to give treats again, you might look into intermittent food treats, and alternative nonfood treating as a staple of training.

great work, having the patience and strength to teach Jadan important things that are for his own good.

with zack, it hasn't been a final solution. He was scarfing down Evo until Belle came to stay for three days last weekend. He continued scarfing while she was here, i mixed their food and they ate together. Then after belle left, he acted kind of quiet, maybe ill, like he ate something he shouldn't have. this happened the last time or two that belle visited. belle is a dog who gets into stuff and eats paper and plastic, etc, zack is not like that, but with belle here, that couldve happened.

anyway, it took a few days for him to act ok, but i'm still not sure he's 100%, and he is not excited about his food anymore. oh well. i just throw it away after feeding time and give him more later, but that hasn't made any difference. He seems to not have the same appetite as before. usually the stools are normal but occasionally weird. maybe we'll go see the vet, but he is eating every day, just not as much and not as eagerly, he's like he was before i started the Evo.

i've given up thinking things are ever going to stay one particular way, they always change.

3rd September 2006, 03:25 AM
After a bunch of training I usually give King his flossie to chew on, or I use lil tiny bits of cheese, King will do anything for cheese...

But if I don't use food I praise him galore, usually he get a back rub, his ears scratched or (which I think he enjoys most of all) his butt scratched :lol:

Judy, Zack might b acting a lil different cuz he prob misses Belle... That usually happens when I take a pup home and King gets attached over a few days.... Like when "Buddy" stayed the weekend, he'll get over it soon

3rd September 2006, 09:46 AM
ok thanks. will go with the great praise and back rub stuff. have done this with jadan on training anyway, just didnt think it gave out the same message as food treats but must be getting through. not sure about the butt rub yet :lol: :lol: :lol: we went to puppy training and he just loves the sausage lady :lol: :lol: we are going back this week after the hols. i know he wont respond to me if she is about with her sausage so maybe the food treat will have to be used then. :roll: