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Maisie's Mom
4th September 2006, 05:02 AM
Please don't cringe if I didn't attach the photos properly. I followed the rules point by point, used Flickrs and I'm not sure if it took. This is my 5th and final try. If it didn't work, can someone guide me. I did follow Karlin's instructions.

Here she is...I hope!


Maisie's Mom
4th September 2006, 05:05 AM
if you copy and paste the URL in your browser, the individual photos will come up. Sorry, didn't mean to create extra work for you. :oops:

4th September 2006, 06:31 AM
Lisa--when i paste each of the three addresses in the URL field in the browser, it takes me to a Flicker page which says I don't have permission to view the photo.

In your post, you have three URLs strung together. Try posting each one separately. However, when i try to link to them by pasting them separately, i just get that 'you don't have permission' page.

I haven't used Flickr or Photobucket to post photos. I've been just uploading mine to my earthlink ISP server, my account includes some megabytes of webspace, so i just post a link to that location in my posts.

I'm sure someone can help you get your photos posted with Flickr. In the meantime, if you want, you can email me photos and i can upload them to my server and give you the link and you can post them that way, or i can post them. i'll PM you my email address in case you want to do that.

I'm sure seeing maisie will be worth the wait. Don't feel bad about making us work hard to see the photos. We can take it. :)

4th September 2006, 09:47 AM
Do you have your photo page set to 'private' for any of these photos? You need to set them as 'public' otherwise they won't display. They seem to all be set as 'private'.:thmbsup:

Also you need to have in front and at the end of EACH url. Put a return at the end of each photo otherwise they will all be in a huge row and go off the screen.

4th September 2006, 11:39 AM
Yup pics are still private :( I thought I was going to get a puppy fix, too :(