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4th September 2006, 06:03 AM
Hi All
A friend was having a labor day/birthday gathering today, I was figuring on being gone at least 6 hours, so I asked if it was OK to bring Ariel along. I figured that wouldn't be a problem as the host and his brother have dogs too. Not a good chance she would make it that long without a potty break, being home alone.
What a good girl!! She is pretty outgoing, but I have noticed she will shy away from new things.
We were met at the door by a young man who instantly greeted us and talking and petting her. Then a woman came out with 3 girls ages 2, 4, & 8. I was impressed when they all asked if they could pet her. The oldest kept finding us over the next couple hours and asked every time before she gave Ariel a pet.
Ariel was as well behaved as usual. She didn't show any interest in the other dogs' toys, though. She stayed with me or my friend Jo, on lead (of course, since we were in a strange place, with new people in and out of the doors). No accidents!! Still working on the occasional accident at home.
Then after all the new people and petting, she took a nap in my lap while we played cards.
2 attempts to get her to potty were unsuccessful, but she was on lead and the 2nd time it was pouring rain. She did! finally go when our gracious host asked if he could take her out to try. She did when he let her off lead in his fenced in back yard.
I love having a dog that is so "portable"! We also have an 80 pound greyhound, so not everyone is receptive to having him along. Especially when there is food involved! :D
Lots of people asked what breed she is, and about her eye(the left one is micro-ophthlamic as well as having some trauma when she was much younger that has left that one blind), and briefly about dog rescue.
Sorry to go on, but just wanted to share!
Happy Labor day!
Kathy and Ariel

4th September 2006, 07:15 AM
thanks for the warm story. i imagine it's common and normal for this breed to be 'portable.' What a good girl Ariel was today. how old is she?

i had my daughter's cavalier, Belle, here last weekend, for three days, while her parents were out of town. I was shopping for a new camera and i went to three camera stores with these two dogs on lead, and i spent a long time in each one talking with a salesman, and one of the stores where i stayed the longest was especially busy, it was a Saturday, people were walking by. first, i had to wait my turn so was just standing around. Then, i spent a lot of time with the salesman, trying to get educated about options and things, he was showing me some cameras, and i was able to completely concentrate on what he was telling me and was able to ask him questions and pay attention to what i was doing because these wonderful dogs just laid down by my feet and waited patiently until i was done. A few times, people came up and asked if they could pet them and "What kind of dogs are these?" (belle is a blenheim and zack is a tri), and the dogs enjoyed the attention, but then went back to laying down and waiting calmly when the visitors went on their ways. One guy came back a couple of times to visit. Anyway, i was so impressed. They surpassed my expectations. I had some qualms about bringing them, but it was a nice day and i didn't want to leave them at home. I took them to the dog park after the other errands were done. what great dogs they are!

4th September 2006, 11:54 AM
Well done Ariel, Zack and Belle :D These dogs are extremely portable and just love people as much as people love them :D

Wherever we go with ours people have to stop and say hello to them, but then I have to confess, I can't pass a Cavalier who is siting patiently either icon_whistling

How old is Ariel and was she a rescue? How long have you had her? More info and pics please!!!!!