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5th September 2006, 07:20 AM

I put down the food at the normal feeding times left for 15mins and took the food up, she did not eat.. Ok i am sure with in a few days she will get used to the fact that she needs to eat during the day and not at night..

Now Toilet Times

Normally this is what we do

07.15 Toilet time

13.00 or 14.00 Mom takes her for a wee this is the only time she normally can take her .

18.00 Toilet Time

23.00 Toilet time... ( this is an occasional and then if she does not do at this time she allllwyas wakes up at night...)

Yesterday it went 07.00-14.00-19.00-03.00am YES THE HUBBY WOKE UP HE COULD NOT LEAVE HER HE SAID TOO MEAN>>>>

Ok now we need to Change these habits

I was thinking

07.30 - 12.30-16.30-20.30-23.00

What do you think ?

5th September 2006, 09:10 AM
Sorry Jen, but I think you are expecting far too much of here to go between 5 & 7 hours without a wee.

Mine still go out every couple of hours when the weather isn't too good and when it's dry and 'warmish', my patio door is open all day long (I am home with them).

Is there a reason your Mum can't let her out in between? It just seems an awful long time to expect her to hold her bladder and she could get UTI's because of it :(

Does she not ask when she needs to go out to wee or poop?

5th September 2006, 10:08 AM
Hi maxmummy :D

Well at the moment we are lucky if she does 3 times a day!!!... Unfortuantly she is so used to being at my mom all day everyday she is holding it in...My mom takes her out once a day when i am at work... I work from 8-5 sometimes longer everyday.. and then i take her for a week. Mom does not have a garden so it means taking her for a walk...

We are stuck really. I was told that 4-5 wees a day for a 1.5 year old is good....

All Advice needed please

5th September 2006, 12:08 PM
Hi Again...........

Now listen to this

Kayla weed at 3am and has not weed since ...

We have taken her for a walk 3 times what can be wrong????

5th September 2006, 12:33 PM
Maybe I have a weird dog!

On the days that Merlin does have to stay at home when we are at work. His normal routine is
7.15 to 7.50 - walk - ( I expect at least 2 poos, 1 biiiiiiig wee and several hundred scent wees (slight exaggeration perhaps)

12.30 to 1.15 - Dad will go home and let him out only 9/10 times he doesn't want to go out

4.30 pm - Dad gets home - he lets him out - he may have a wee

5.30 - 6 pm - tea

7.30 -8 -walk - ( I expect at least 1 poo, a few scent wees depending on the number of trees!)

10 pm - 11 - let him out oin the garden for a wee - if he has poo'd on the walk then I just expect a wee)

So in general per day Merlin does 3 poos and 2-3 proper wees (unless its summer and he drinks more)

However, when he is at Grandmas the back door is open so he is in an out all the time but I think the outputs are the same! On a weekend, although his routine is changed to less definitive, he will generally do the same.

Maybe you should go for one meal a day - then you have more idea when the poo is going to arrive! and it may help Kayla eat better ( I certainly found that the 1 meal a day was "more appreciatted" and wasn't messed with. ;)

5th September 2006, 09:07 PM
Wow I can't believe she only has a few wees a day, my two go loads. Does she drink enough?

I'm just wondering because when Charlie came to us his wee was very concentrated and strong and he only went about twice a day. It was burning huge patches in my lawn so I encouraged him to drink more water by soaking half of his dried food in at least a mugful of boiling water and then adding the other half just before feeding him. i gradually weaned him off the soaked food and he started drinking more.

I did take him to the Vets to get his wee tested but he was fine, he just needed to drink more.

Now he obviously has very healthy wees because they don't damage the lawn anymore :) The darned birds do though, digging for grubs :|

6th September 2006, 02:01 PM
Donna has a good point - may she doesn't drink enough. I don't think dogs think like us - "Oh, its hot - I must have a drink"

Merlin has took a while to drink a bit more - he'd rather sit there and pant than have a drink. I can tell now if he isn't drinking enough and just pop a little bit of milk i(1/8) n his water (one part milk to 7 parts water) and the lot is gone in seconds!

On a sunday, he has his own cup of tea made more or less the same way to keep his fluid intake up.......