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6th September 2006, 02:50 PM
is there any way of getting jadan to stop eating bird poop. i know you can get collars and so on (well expensive!!) and have even been seen in the rec with a hidden bottle of water ready to squirt at the right time. i have had other dog owners say theirs do it too or they out grew it and leave him to it. but surely he can be trained out of it. after all i wouldnt want him to poop inside so trained him to go outside. am i asking too much?. i have tried the "leave it" training. but the poop thing is soooo tasty!! :yuk: :yuk: ;)

6th September 2006, 03:24 PM
He's still really, really young so keep at the 'leave it' command but don;t expect much when he's faced with a situation where he has to put training into practice yet. The more you keep practicing, the more he is likely to ignore the things you want him to ignore.

If he's encountering the poops on walks, then keep an eye out and just steer hime away. If he's eating them from your yard -- then maybe keep him under watch so that he doesn;t go near them; he should be supervised anyway on trips outside. :)

Any kind of training collar especially an electric one would be a no-no. Eeven citronella which is said to be gentle on dogs is quite harsh and burnsthrought and eyes. Try spraying it in your face or tasting it yourself and you'll see.

I don;t like water bottle either -- these are all startling techniqies that involve a punishment for unwanted behaviour, but no motivation or option for correct behaviour. Much better to take the supervisory role yourself while also training to 'leave it' reliably.

Think about how babies crawl around and try out the world by putting it in their mouths -- puppies are the same. Many will grow out of an interest they have as puppies. Others won't! But keep in mind that dogsd are dogs, not furry children. Dogs like to eat excrement sometimes, they like to roll on dead things, they will kill and eat birds and mice sometimes... they do a range of things that are normal for them that sometimes we just have to accept or work around (eg not put them into a situation where they can do things we don;t like in the first place, if it's avpidable, and learn to laugh and get out the bath supplies when they succeed anyway in getting into something we don't like! :lol: In my house it is dental cleaning biscuits all around if one eats a cat poop :yuk: ).

6th September 2006, 08:50 PM
Cat poop! Urgggh - Merlin can find it anywhere. I inspect the garden every day for cat poop but he still manages to find it - you can always tell when he has (usually in the dark!) - he has this smug luck on his face, licking his lips....... Not for long though..... the hose pipe comes out (on gentle of course) to swish any remaining delicacy! Then out with the logic ( you can just squirt a bit on his gums - so you don't need to get too close!)

He does like the girls poop ( chinchillas) as a nighttime snack every so often but they are just little pellets that are only produced from hay and chin pellets which are alfalfa so I suppose its a bit of roughage for him! They've necer given him a dodgy tum so we worry less about the girls poop.

On the subject of cat poop - anyone got any tried and tested ways to keep cats out of the garden - bit tricky for you Karlin!

7th September 2006, 08:16 AM
ok. will kep at training. no it not in back yard. though will seek out cat pop in front! its only when we go out the back to "his" park its like his own back garden because its so close. he even knows his way home if he needs a drink its so close. literally outsiode our back gate. hes fine everywhere else but here. he follows about and doesnt let us out of site. but out back so long as we are in vision he quite happy to just wander. we try to keep up but if he sniffs something hes off. and got it before we get there. anyway. will have to up the positive when he does leave like you said. thanks. ;)