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brid kenny
7th September 2006, 07:28 PM
I have recently come to accept that I probably have an allergy to Phoebe.
The doc says it's probably a perennial allergy. I don't have typical hayfever but I have a nose that has congested , a bit of a sore throat and sometimes a little pain in my chest. I'm terrified I may have to re home her some day. Am I the only one out of 500 members wih this?
Please please tell me your survival stories. I have been prescribed a nasal spray with a steroid but she said it'll take a while to work.
Sorry for sounding so morbid.
Thanks '

7th September 2006, 10:43 PM
I have allergies. In addition to Lucky, I have a cat too and my cat is 15 years old. She sheds terribly. :c*t: I did not have allergies when I first got the cat.

And I didn't think I had allergies to dogs until I got Lucky home. I am sure I am allergic to him too, but I'm figuring out how to make it work so I can be as comforable as possible. I also have other allergies too, so it is not just pets. Pets aggrevate them, sure, but I've decided I can live with my allergies. That said, I'm in the process of formulating my own plan to make myself more comfortable so I am not a martyr for my pets.

Here are the things I have in mind for myself, and I too am intersted in comments from people who've found creative solutions to make their allergies less of an issue:

1) I plan to invest in a Dyson Pet vacuum so that it's a little easy to remove all the stray hairs that seem to accumulate just about everywhere in my apartment. (I am going to be moving apartments soon and am planning to find an apartment that has hardwoods rather than carpets. I have hardwoods now & have heard they are better for allergies.) :v*cuum:

2) I brush Lex regularly & plan to do the same with Lucky. I will take allergy tablets before that (that said, I've yet to find an allergy tablet that I really think makes a measureable difference for me).

3) Yesterday I found something called "Dander Out" at the grocery store. It is manufactured by a company called "Earth Friendly Products" ... You are supposed to put it on the pet before you brush them and it supposedly uses enzymes to eliminate dander (and odors) caused by pets. It is supposedly non-toxic, but before I actually use it on either the cat or dog, I want to do a little more research to be sure.

4) I had bought once for my cat something that you pour on her food to keep her from shedding to reduce allergies. It sounded great on the infomercial on TV. That said, it sure did not work for me. She hated the way her food tasted with it and went on a virtual hunger strike and I eventually gave in and threw the stuff away. I don't know if they even still make it or if it really worked, but it might be worth investigating and then check the ingredients and see if they are really good for the pet (I think a really good quality pet food with healthy oils that keeps the coat nice and elmininates dry skin probably can help too)

5) I do have other allergies too, so I am figuring out ways to limit those. I have dust mite protectors on my pillows, mattresses, have a hypoallergenc comforter, etc. I don't let my cat in my bedroom but I don't think that'll work with Lucky so I am working through it. I am thinking maybe I can train him to sleep at the foot of my bed rather than near my face.

I am really glad you brought up this topic and I'm sure you and I can't be the only ones who have allergies to our own pets. That said, I've been allergic to my cat Lex since she was about a year or so old, and I have dealt with it and determined a long time ago that for me, the pleasures of having a pet outweigh the discomfort.

I hope someone else has some creative solutions we have not thought of. :xfngr:

7th September 2006, 11:42 PM
I have mild allergies to cats that flare up now and then -- they haven't bothered me in some time but I have been tested and know I do have them. I have a much stronger reaction to dust mites (Like many people). I am also supposed to be slightly allergic to dogs but have never had any reaction to dogs.

Keeping animals out of the bedroom is considered to be an important aid -- not just at night but at all times, so that you have a dander-free zone. An air purifier really helps too but get one that is certified by one of the allergy associations (I have one with a seal from the British Allergy Asso or something similar -- got it in the Argos catalogue. Some are really expensive and some are cheap and do little so aim for one that has a seal of approval and is moderate in price). I just got two pillows certified by the same organisations, on sale. They are really great.

For me these things helps with dustmites.

There's more info on owning a dog if you have allergies here:


also wanted to add: just washing Phoebe every couple of weeks will help.

7th September 2006, 11:50 PM
I have some animal allergies as well as hayfever and some minor food allergies. I echo the above, use a good vacuum frequently, no animals in the bedroom. I use a laundry detergent, All free, that has an allergen reducer. We have had Ariel for just over 2 months, and haven't noticed any undue increase in my allergies. I do take some OTC allergy tablets almost every day. That seems to work for me. Good luck!

8th September 2006, 12:04 AM
Also Brid: if you haven't been allergy tested, you should have that done. Allergies to something like dust mites in the house are far more common than allergies to dogs. Allergies to cats are also more common than allergies to dogs. You need to get a proper testing done by an allergy specialist. They can tell you in 20 minutes if you react to dogs or not. You might just need to deal with dust mites and not have to feel worried about Phoebe! :)

The inhalers are really good but it will take a few weeks for you to really notice a difference -- usually about 4 weeks then you need to do your daily puffs to keep yourself topped up. I have used them on and off but haven't need one in years now.

8th September 2006, 01:06 AM
I have horrible allergies, and this year has been the worst. I take the antihistamines (like Allegra, etc.) and the nasal sprays. Sometimes it helps, and other times it doesn't. But, I will never give up any of my pets, I guess I will just be stuffed up and coughing and sneezing. LOL! Breathe-Rite strips work real well for me at night so I can sleep better.
But, my stuffed-up nose and headaches are a constant battle for me.

8th September 2006, 03:07 AM
I have allergies to cats but my poor Charlie has allergies to us - or so it seems :yikes

We're still awaiting the full report before the imunotherapy but he's allergic to indoors, grass and tree pollen & heaven knows how many other things too :roll:

brid kenny
8th September 2006, 08:11 AM
Oh my God. THis has been unbelievably helpful. I'm so gald I'm not alone. Spent Monday evening balling my eyes out at the thought of losing my girl. Keep the stories coming.

Has everyone heard of naslaeze. It creates a natural shield in the nose against airbornes? More info on www.nasaleze.com

8th September 2006, 10:15 AM
I heard about a device called Drontek on the radio this morning. It's a ultrasonic dustmite controller that you plug in next to your bed. It's supposed to very very effective.

I feel so sorry for you Brid, hopefully you'll find something to control your allergies.

I can't let the dogs lick my face anymore. Last year I ended up with a bacterial infection on my chin that looked like acne.


8th September 2006, 10:31 AM
Saliva is often a big culprit in cats, too!

I have a bottle of the allergy stuff if you want to try it, for putting on the coat.

Also hard floors are much better than carpets, and a vacuum needs to have a HEPA filter or it can just make things worse by stirring everything up.

I've been doing a lot of work lately and am going to get a Dyson Animal with the extra cash. :v*cuum:

But do make sure you get proper allergy testing before you worry about whether Phoebe is the problem.

8th September 2006, 12:02 PM
yea... i had never been allergic to any animals before and then suddenly one day i was playing with my cousins cat (who i usually have no problem with) and bam! hives started appearing on my face (not a pretty site i can tell you!! :yikes)...well after that i decided to take an allergy test and found out i was very allergic to cats and mildly to horses and dogs (i also have a bit of hay fever and like you Karlin am allergic to dust mites). well thankgoodness that my allergy to dogs was very mild but occasionally now and then when i am brushing my dogs my nose starts going wack and i just have to go out into fresh air and wash my face.. but usually if this ever occurs (like remali) i just take an antihistamin tablet and it usually settles the case..

btw are your allergies mild or quite serious?

brid kenny
8th September 2006, 05:20 PM
My allergies seem to be quite mild. I don't suffer from hayfever as such. I have a sore throat sometimes and a blocked nose. But when I brought her up to my room for the last two weeks I started to get a bit of pain in my chest but hopefully it will all settle again now that she's back out of the room. That's what happened last time.

Dr Britcom Mom
8th September 2006, 10:06 PM
My allergy to dogs has been less aggravating since I got my dogs. I've always had allergies, so I guess I'm just used to being congested. I only treat the allergies when a cold aggravates my symptoms.

Doctors make the worst patients. :roll:

brid kenny
9th September 2006, 12:40 AM
That is the cutest denim jacket ever!!

9th September 2006, 12:49 AM
Hi there!!

Well, I am allergic to cats but I didn't think I was allergic to dogs...that is till I brought Charlie home. I became very congested, I couldn't smell or taste a thing. I started to use OTC meds and that seems to help. I find Aruis is a good one, since it helps with congestion and hives (which I didn't think I had till Charlie showed up...get lil itcy sometimes..) Those nasal sprays scare me though...afraid I'll burn my nostrils up!! But I do find that for really bad days psedoeffederine works quite well.( something like Sudafed..)

Clean, clean, clean, my darling.... i'm lucky to have hardwood floors and leather furniture...but if you don't, I'd invest in a good vacume and go over everything often. I wipe down my furniture every day and swiffer my floors to get rid of dander. If you can afford a filtering system, that's good for you, but I'm not that well to do..so I just have to do other things.

I've tried allergy wipes for dogs, but I think it's a gimic...I don't really see how it works...but..if it makes you feel better about having your pup around, then go at it!

I bought hand sanitizer that I use every time I've handled Charlie and that helps too. Especially since I'm always putting my hands to my face. Also, don't let your pup lick you too much. Allergins are found in dander, urine and saliva!

I also buy febreeze allergy and it reduces the amount of airbourne allergins that can fly out of pillows, bedding, ect.... it's my new best friend..can live without it..

hope this helps..... :xfngr:

9th September 2006, 09:57 AM
mild..well thatd good... im sure you'll find something that works for you with all the solutions up there :flwr: .. good luck

9th September 2006, 03:39 PM
My sister was extremely allergic to cats and allergic to dogs and she started getting allergy shots every week. I forget how long she got them for but she recently discovered that she is no longer allergic to dogs OR cats!!! She is, however, still allergic to dust mites but at least she can cuddle pups and kitties now.