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9th September 2006, 05:19 PM
Hello from Texas! I've been lurking on Cavalier Talk for weeks now and finally decided to give in and join the group. I recently received the joy of my life, a blenheim boy named Kingston. When his breeder sent me pictures and told me about his sweet personality, I jumped in my car and drove FOUR hours to pick him up.

He's just over 4 months old now and a bundle of energy. I've never met a more loyal and loving dog. Sometimes I can't find him, go around the house looking for him, and then realize he's right under my feet!

When Kingston needs a bath, I put on a bathing suit and hop in with him (it's much easier)! The only problem is now he thinks he's supposed to be in the bath with me ALL the time. Good thing I have a garden tub and he's too short to jump in.

My whole family thinks I've lost my mind. My sister asked me to drive three hours to visit her this weekend and I said, "I can't, Kingston has his first day of obedience school." You should have heard her response. :shock: After out first trip to Petsmart, I called my mother saying "Everywhere we go people want to hold him and pet him. Is that okay? Will he get sick? What if they drop him?" She said, "Honey, you HAVE to calm down. Let him be a dog!"

Anyway, it's wonderful to have a website like this, and I'm so excited to meet other Cavalier owners who are as crazy about their dogs as me.

9th September 2006, 06:43 PM
icon_welcome Kingston's mum! You sound as mad as me!! I've been known to share the shower with Merlin on the odd occasion when we have both got soaked to the skin and we both need to get warmed up!!!! :lol:

matties mum
9th September 2006, 10:46 PM
:jump: icon_welcome You sound like me I would not go on holiday unless my dog went mattie my first cavalier use to love having a bath and when you said bath he use to beat me to the room :jmp: :mexwav: :jmp: :lotsaluv: Aileen

10th September 2006, 01:20 AM
You'll fit right in here!! :P hehehe.. I also have Kosmo @ PetSmart and have been absolutely thrilled with the results!! :) I also shower with him - except for I don't wear a bathing suit, LOL :P I put him under and soap him and then put him in a sit stay while I shower myself and then wash him off and we're done . . hehe :P My parents think I went completely nuts when they asked how much he cost and I told. . . :roll: They don't understand when you divide it by all of the years he will be well worth it!@! Even if he lives until tomorrow he's totally worth it for me. :) Be careful with him when he's small because I did have someone drop mine!! On his head ! :yikes He's OK thank God, but they are really squiggly when they are younger and get excited easily and can be hard to hold onto. He will be o.k. though. NOw when we meet people on walks I make him sit down politely to be petted so I don't have to worry about it and also so he's not jumping and intimidating little kids (puppies. . . :roll: ) Take care of yourself and welcome!! :)

10th September 2006, 02:56 AM
Hi there! And welcome! You sound like me, my whole life revolves around my dogs and I LOVE it that way!! A couple friends try and get me to go overnight on the weekends sometimes, and I always tell them I can't because what about my dogs? And then I tell them, besides I couldn't be gone that long because I would just miss my dogs too much!!!