View Full Version : I go to see my puppy on Monday!!!

16th September 2006, 01:12 PM
On Monday my puppy will be 10 days old and I'm going to see him for the first time. I won't actually pick this time though. The breeder wants the only girl and she thinks the smallest boy though she said she may change her mind. She wants the only girl to breed and/or show and at 8 weeks wants to choose one of the 3 boys to show. So I have 2 left to choose from. I'll be tempted to go for looks at this point but I mustn't get attached till I see the personality. Any advice?

16th September 2006, 03:28 PM
Hi Pauline,

The only advice I can give you really is to double and triple check that the breeder has had all the necessary health checks done on her bitch and ask to see the certificates. Also ask about the Sire too...

I personally would also want to see a clear scan on the bitch for MRI & preferably the dog too.

I also think that somewhere in the conversation i'd ask her how old was the oldest Cavalier she'd lost and how old the others were - you can get a good idea of health by longevity....

I hate to sound as though I am trying to put a dampener on your enthusiasm now but I would much rather walk away from a litter whose parents hadn't had the necessary health screening than buy a pup who was more likely to have inherited a genetic illness than one who wasn't.

Believe me these pups cost enough when you get them home without getting into extortionate medical expenses.

If you're having a boy check that he has no obvious health problems - runny eyes or nose, ears free from dishcharge, both boy bits (testicles!) in situ and no hernia's.

After that I would just go with the pup that comes to you, I think you know when you see 'the one' anyway :D

When I saw Maxx for the first time I knew he was 'the one' and I was so right. He is like my left arm :D

Good luck :D