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19th September 2006, 08:45 AM
Oh I feel a bit down in the dumps today. Both of my babies have been suffering with sore mouths lately around their bottom lip area. One of them actually had lip fold plastic surgery about a year ago to try and correct the problem for him but on and off despite the surgery he is having sore areas and periodic infections.

Anyway I've been back and fourth to the dermatologist trialing this cream and that wipe and nothing is working as yet and......... this what I am sad about I now have to take their kongs away as the doc thinks the rubber is not helping. Common sense I guess but they are the only toys they are interested in that they do not destruct.

Sorry to whinge I just don't like it when I'm giving my all to fixing a problem twice daily bathing the area and applying creams much to their disgust as it is quite sore and I'm getting nowhere.

Just needed a vent. Does anyone else suffer with lip fold issues ?

19th September 2006, 10:48 AM
Oh poor you and your poor furbabies, I haven't experienced anything like that, have you done any searches on the web to see if anything there....

Cathy Moon
19th September 2006, 12:12 PM
Geordie is being seen by the dermatology dept at OSU veterinary teaching hospital for the Cavalier PSOM study. On his first visit, I told Dr. Hillier that Geordie regularly ran up and down the sofa rubbing the sides of his face on it. Plus he rubbed his face on the carpet and his bed, etc.

He did a skin scraping and found bacteria or fungus, so we were given a prescription of Malaseb Pledgets (wipes) for cleaning his exterior lipfolds daily. This took care of the problem immediately. We don't use the wipes anymore, and the problem has stayed away! We give him kong w/ peanut butter dabs 2-3 times a week with no problem.

When Geordie had his lipfold problem we could not detect anything out of the ordinary except maybe a little pinkness of skin. I had no idea there was anything like that wrong, I was just mentioning Geordie's rubbing thinking it could be a symptom of PSOM.

Hope this helps! :flwr:

Edited to add: Geordie's problem was along the sides of his chin, not actually on his lips, and the Malaseb wipes were for external use only - not supposed to touch his mouth at all.

20th September 2006, 06:26 AM
Have not really looked into it on the net never thought to really as not much of a web surfer, I confuse myself with all the conflicting information out there on one topic eg. what to feed your dog, then I find it really hard to make any decisions but thanks for the suggestion I'll see what I find. :flwr:

Digby has had cytology done on his mouth and at the time they did not find anything (Bacteria or fungus), I have malacetic wipes which I have used on both babies (under instruction) and a fuciderm ointment for one boy and elocon cream for the other. So far its not looking good for these treatments, I am speaking with the specialist tomorrow so we will see what that brings.
Harry is a serial visitor to our dermatologist as he has chronic allergies to just about everything, his mouth soreness is slightly different to Digby as he is not quite as red but has areas that have gone green due to the bacteria. yuk !

I am pretty shocked as I thought this would be a common problem amongst the cavs as they have really soft fleshy mouths ? Obviously not.

Thanks for the info guys I appreciate it. :D