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21st September 2006, 11:27 AM
Hi everyone
Just wondering if you can fill me in on what is so good about the puppia harness and how secure they are to use when walking. also if anyone uses a sensation/sensible harness and what your thoughts are on them ?

I am in the market for a new harness but.........
my dogs so far have managed to escape from all harnesses I try, they lock there 2 front paws down and it just slides over the top of their heads.
This usually occurs at the time a pit bull or something like is going passed that they are trying to take on like a tag team, they are not very well socialised and freak out when we see anything else walking towards us. I have tried lots of different training techniques over the years and am currently part of a local obedience and agility club but still do not feel like I am getting on top of the problem.

Obviously one of the biggest fears I have is when they get in this frenzy they are going to get out of the walking device and run into god only knows what, I think this ongoing fear I have when walking is also contributing to their fear response to seeing things on our walk, bit of a vicous circle till I find something where i know I have control and they can't get out.

I am currently using a luppi harness which I have to tie a not in so they can't get out but i don't like how tight it ends up under their armpits.
Also Digby has a sensitive back and does this funny walk when I first put a harness on as though I have put a brick on his back and bent him in the middle ?
Best thing I have ever used (when i was ill informed about there use by our dog trainer at the time ) is a choke chain. I would never ever use one of these again but do miss the control you get.

any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the dribble. :flwr:

21st September 2006, 12:34 PM
Puppias are soft and comfortable and to my knowledge , I dont think a dog can get out of them. I use them on all of my dogs and we just love them !

21st September 2006, 12:49 PM
Kosmo got out of his puppia 1/2 way but I think it's because it is too big on him.

I was using a step in style harness before I got the puppia. I know Puppia also offers a step in style jacket harness thing now. Have you tried the step ins? Kosmo couldn't get out of that even if he tried. ;)

Take care! :)

22nd September 2006, 02:48 PM
Seems like you are having a time with this. Your poor doggies just don't want to walk with anybody else around, sounds like it will take some time and patience to get a handle on this situation.
We use the Sensible harness on Riley. He does not seem to be able to get out of it and he seems comfortable wearing it. He is a puller and that's why we use this instead of his Puppia, he thinks he's a sled dog when he has his Puppia on. :roll: I feel comfortable walking him anywhere in it, although my problem is that he usually is trying to get to all the other dogs in the vicinity. But he has not been able to squirm out of it.
I have also heard good things about the step in Puppia harnesses, they might prove to be more comfortalbe for your two as well.
Good luck with your harness search. :thmbsup:

22nd September 2006, 03:40 PM
I have 2 Puppias and 1 Sense-ible harness and lately I've been using the Sense-ible one more because he can get excited and pull a bit when we're out on walks. Luckly Chester has never tried to get out of any of his harnesses and I'm very careful to make sure they're fitted snugly and properly.

I highly recommend both types, but for pullers the Sense-ible is wonderful.

22nd September 2006, 04:12 PM
My Duffy is called Houdini because he gets out of every collar we ever tried. Now we use a step in harness and he does not get out of that. For Casey I use a Gentle Leader harness because he is a big time puller (Laura: LOL at the sled dog line :badgrin: ) and he doesn't pull any more and he doesn't seem to be able to get out of it either.

23rd September 2006, 12:13 AM
Thank you so much for all your help. I had never heard of a step in harness, we are only just getting puppia stuff over here in Aus and our choices (I think) are very limited :(
I will look at getting one off the net though now I know what to look for :lol: . At this stage I am leaning toward a sensible harness if I can get one shipped here. I just looked at some pictures on the net and the boys did have something very similar to a step in harness when they were really tiny, I recall it being very good but could not get one big enough once they grew up.

It is a matter that will take time and patience we have been working on the problem with a few different trainers for around 2 and a half years now. I actually think they are getting worse not better. A large part of the problem is me, in fact most of the problem is me, I am really scared of other dogs (except cavaliers) always have been, I was attacked when I was a teen by a bull terrier and I am sure all my fears are projected down the lead when I see another dog. I have tried so much to trian myself and the times when I have let my gaurd down are the times I have had some near misses with nasty dogs and my baby boys so there has not been any positive reinforcement for me. Poor me, anyway I will not give up for the love of the babies.

Thanks again

23rd September 2006, 12:56 AM
I'm a fan of the Gentle Leader. I've seen Holly do the sled dog thing with ordinary harnesses, but gentle leader is brilliant- walking her is a pleasure now, and the control is equivalent to that of a bridle and reins on a very sensitive horse- only the gentlest of pressure is needed to direct! Holly does still have a habit of sitting down and refusing to budge when she's on the harness, but she's done that on her lead, too. I notice she does it close to the house- I think it's just her way of trying to get out of the nasty wet cold weather and back to her lovely basket...As soon as we get away to somewhere she doesn't instantly recognise, she's angelic.

Then again, puppias look so cute!