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24th September 2006, 09:25 AM

Newbie to the forum, seeking some advice & comment.

Having decided on our 1st CKCS, a black and tan bitch, for companion with option to breed/show, we searched (and searched!) avoiding farms looking for a good line. Finding one that was just born, we put down a deposit. The breeder knew what we wanted and has informed us how she is doing via email. Making the long journey to the breeder to see our girl at just under five weeks, we were informed she had an umbilical hernia.

This has put us in a position of real dilemma. Whilst I understand no one can make the decision for us, I wonder if others agree it was wrong of the breeder not to advise previous to our visit. Securing her and waiting, having pictures and informed how well she was doing, she feels like ours and has made this a really tough call. The breeder knew of the hernia and did not tell us until we had the little one in our arms. It would still be a difficult situation knowing earlier, but an easier decision none the less.

In addition to the concerns that the breeder kept this from us, she has said she will have it 'corrected' with an operation at six weeks. Our reading tells us this is not perhaps necessary, unless more serious than we have been led to believe. Further more, although not an issue, more a point of principle, the breeder made no mention of reduction in the high price.

So there we are, we have our heads and hearts in turmoil. Would other breeders act in this way? Is it normal? To us it seems very unfair and not something we would do.

Here's hoping some comment will come that will help.

Russ and Claire.

25th September 2006, 03:26 PM
There was thread about this about 2 weeks ago, quite a lot of our Cavaliers have, one of mine does - no problem or operation needed, if there is need for it to be removed or popped back in then this is easily done during spaying. I would tell her not to do it, get your little girl home and let you vet have a check.