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RoyalT Cavaliers
25th September 2006, 05:26 AM
We are so excited to present to the world. icon_whistling :rah:
Royal T Princess Grace she is our show hopeful NOT FOR SALE!!


Deana and The Gang :rah:

25th September 2006, 05:32 AM
So cute. Congrats :rah:

25th September 2006, 05:44 AM
I've asked breeders to please not discuss litters for reasons noted in the general news section (pinned at the top), unless personally known to me or with breeding programmes OK'd by other breeders whose opinions I trust.

This is not a comment on anyone's breeding programmes but an acknowledgement that there are now over 700 board members, several of them breeders or people who want to breed or are breeding. With those numbers I cannot personally verify what people who breed are doing, and therefore strictly limit discussion of litters to the handful of breeders whose practices I know. This is a small number and they are unfamiliar themselves with most of the people who have joined as breeders so this is becoming very difficult to manage already.

I am concerned that the growing membership on the board is attracting people trying to advertise litters -- I have already deleted a few accounts where this was clearly the goal -- hence limiting discussion is I feel the best compromise at this time, even though it may limit what some dedicated and reputable breeders, unknown to me and others, can discuss.

I recommend breeders whom I do not know, interested in discussing or announcing litters, subscribe to the L-list (mostly breeder list) as there, they are free to discuss all aspects of breeding with other reputable breeders. :thmbsup:

RoyalT Cavaliers
25th September 2006, 06:35 AM
I have just created a list on Yahoo so those of you who would like to join I sure hope its OK to have this link here. If not I do apologize in advance. But I simply was having a very difficult time finding a comfortable group home I guess. :sl*p:


Anyone who loves Cavaliers are more than welcome to join the group.

I am sorry if I offended anyone with my beautiful Princess Grace, I am thrilled to have her a part of my family she is absolutely not for sale she is all mine.. ;) . I also like to discuss all aspects of the Cavalier with anyone who is interested in the breed and I love talking to pet owners and do not want to be excluded from their conversations, they are simply the best.

Hugs to all, Thanks Karlin for caring so much about our lovely breed~~
Deana and the WV gang

25th September 2006, 07:24 AM
Just to be clear here, it isn't a matter of anyone or any dogs being excluded -- but it is a matter of some (actually, very few) topics being excluded in this particular forum, for what I consider to be good reasons.

I consider breeding to be a specialist activity requiring considerable knowledge and definitely do not want to promote anyone breeding or going to any breeder whose practices are not clear to me or other breeders whose judgement I respect. This doesn't mean people cannot participate in a million other topics of discussion on the board, but I do not allow general discussions and announcements of litters from breeders whose bona fides are impossible for me to verify. As I noted, this is not an act of judgment on any individual but an acknowledgement of my very limited ability to make sure the board doesn't inadvertantly promote poor breeding practices, or send board members to breeders on a mistaken assumption that if breeders are posting here about litters and available puppies, they are verified by me or moderators to be responsible breeders.

I'd politely ask any breeder members who haven't yet, to read the posting guidelines where this is discussed -- and I'd again ask people to read the relevant post on litters in the general section, as it goes into this in more detail.

I'll close this topic now as I am sure the point has been adequately made. :thmbsup: