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25th September 2006, 07:30 AM
Does anyone use one of those spray-on coat detanglers/conditioners and if so, which ones and how do they work for you? I was looking at the Petedge.com catalogue and thinking about getting one but there are several available. Jaspar's coat matts so easily so something along those lines would be very useful if they aren't a waste of money.

25th September 2006, 12:54 PM

I find popping a bit of Loreal Nutrigloss on Merlins ears when he has a bath keeps the matts down. If he does get one - I use Shaws detangler - smells a bit :yuk: but it does work...

25th September 2006, 01:16 PM
I personally use Te Tao green Tea conditioner on the boys and it works wonderfully. As it's natural it doesn't itch their skin either :D

Found it works by accident actually... I had a soaking wet dog and reached for the doggy conditioner and found it was empty so had a quick recce on the shelf for something gentle and saw my Te Tao conditioner, used a blob and it was wonderful - I've been using it ever since :lol:

Oh yeah and I later found out that the reason my doggy conditioner was empty was because someone (I won't mention any names but they are male two legged and one of the banes of my life.....) had knocked it into the bath & split the bottom so once it was empty they rinsed the outside and put it back on the shelf.... :roll: :sl*p:

RoyalT Cavaliers
25th September 2006, 03:02 PM
I have found Ice on Ice Spray Chris Christensen Grooming products is the best I have ever used for both my Show Yorkies and my Cavaliers.
I like the fact it protects their color along with matting and much more like repelling tear stains etc.


High Sheen
Repels Tear Stains
Repels Urine Stains
Pad Protection
Locks In Moisture
Ease Of Brushing
Repels Dirt
Repels Rain
Repels Stains
Repels Mats & Tangles
Protects The Coat
Repels Saliva Stains
Tensile Strength
Prevents Breakage
Prevents Coat Color Loss



25th September 2006, 06:18 PM
Zack got terrible big mats behind his ears one time when i was so focused on flea combing his body, i forgot to comb and brush the rest of him.

On advice from cavalier talk people, i got an awesome detangling comb made by 4 Paws, a special kind of comb with a special shape and spacing of teeth, and i got one of the two detangler brands that the store had, the one that was recommended as pleasing customers, Perfect Coat Clear Choice 8 in 1 Grooming Spray, below is info from an ad, you can use it wet or dry, very little goes a long way, the only thing i didn't like was the floral scent, i like unscented things, but it was a nice scent. I just don't like perfumed scents. Anyway, i had great success, didn't have to cut any mats, and haven't had any since. I credit both the comb and the detangling spray.

Perfect Coat Clear Choice Grooming Spray is specially
formulated to release mats and tangles from wet or dry
coats. Conditions coat and cuts brushing time.
Non-greasy, non-oily formula leaves coat manageable
and lustrous without irritating the skin. Fresh
fragrance. Directions: Dry Coats: Hold sprayer six
inches away from coat. Avoid contact with pet's eyes.
Badly matted areas should be saturated, allowing extra
time for penetration. Towel matted area before
brushing. Brush or comb thoroughly. Wet Coats: Shampoo
coat and rinse thoroughly. Towel to remove excess
wetness. Hold sprayer six inches away from coat. Avoid
contact with pet's eyes. Spray coat with Clear Choice,
being sure spray is applied evenly over entire coat.
Matted areas should be saturated. Towel dry. Allow
extra time for spray to penetrate badly matted areas
before towel drying. Begin brushing or combing,
spraying lightly if needed.

Heritage Cavaliers
25th September 2006, 07:30 PM
I love the Plush Puppy Products - Swishy Coat and blow dry cream are both wonderful leave in conditioners and the Seabrease oil is wonderful to use as a mist and grooming spray.

<<These products are very concentrated and must be dulited before use>>

25th September 2006, 07:52 PM
Karlin if you want a spray on my aunt uses "The Stuff" Conditioner and Detangler on her papillons and poodle. She says it works great great for her. It comes in a "ready-to use" spray or concentrated formula...My aunt buys the concentrated formula cuz she uses it some much that it saves her money....

But if you want a really good shampoo/condtioner I like the "Repair 'N Restore" by Top Performance... Karlin I'm telling you it works wondering for King's coat. I like it so much I just ordered it in the gallon for myself.... But if you just want a spray on I'd try "The Stuff" http://www.petedge.com/shopping/product/detailmain.jsp?itemID=1760&itemType=PRODUCT&iMainCat=0&iSubCat=0&iSubSubCat=0&iProductID=1760&AS=1

25th September 2006, 10:25 PM
I ALSO Use the 8 and 1 spray...but I love floral fragrence.....however maxwell does not and he rubs himslf all over the slipcovers to try and get it off...at least after that my couch and my doggie smells great!

I find it really helps grooming the coat also.....however I dont find it to be helpful when its a bad matt...just helps them from happening in the first place. :D

26th September 2006, 12:44 AM
Thanks for all these great responses! My mother and I have been discussing grooming products so I'm going to go check these out.

26th September 2006, 04:09 AM
Karlin hope u find one u like

29th February 2008, 02:57 AM
Hi all,
I know this thread is really old. I am just going through the matting issues with Lance and was wondering which product worked the best for you Karlin? Right now, based on the web info, I am torn between the Ice-on-Ice and the Stuff products....