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30th September 2006, 02:35 PM
That said, we did call the vet and they advised us to take his temperature - which was normal, thank goodness. And I immediately purchased the pet insurance with the 100% coverage so I can take him to the vet now anytime I want and not worry about crazy runaway expenses (Just a $50 copay per visit, which I can live with).

Just had a scare last night with a lot of vomiting for 11 week old Barkleigh. I think I did something really stupid and gave him a Dentabone, which he finished in 5 minutes. Later, I read the package at it said for adult dogs over 10 pounds! And, I didn't like the ingredients. But he also had his second set of shots the day before (no lepto), and had gotten into the kitty litter and chewed on some sticks. He was one sick puppy and I did talk to the vet. He seems much better today. But I had been considering vet insurance and thinking about a trip to the emergency clinic, x-rays and hydration gave me pause.

What insurance plan did you get? Do you know anyone who uses it? I asked me vet already if they recommend any, but they did not. The did say that some people have them.

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Cathy Moon
30th September 2006, 03:17 PM
Are dentabones like greenies?

I used to give my dogs greenies, but they break off big pieces too easily, plus the ingredients give the Geordmeister diarrhea.

30th September 2006, 04:27 PM
No, I had been warned off greenies. But this broke off very easily. No more of these! He is really zippy today. On a light diet and watching him, but everything is staying down. I could not believe how much the 6.5 pound fellow vomited yesterday. I am normally pretty calms with pets and kids--but even the vet said not to "wait and see" with a puppy. She did recommend 1/2 10 mg. Pepcid. Luckily, I had them in the house since my elderly cat gets this when his tummy is off. I also mixed up some "rehydration" (a bit of sugar and salt in boiling water) and let it cool. I got up 3 times last night and gave him a tsp. just so he'd have some fluids. Amazing how quickly his tummy flattened and ribs poked through. How quickly we get attached. Most trigger human maternal hormones (oxytocin). Hope I don't relactate!

30th September 2006, 06:18 PM
Cathy, that was a scare, glad he came through fine.
the health insurance i have is PetCare. I already had it for my cat before i got it for Zack, i had never used it with my cat but signed up for insurance (originally VPI) after she had a UTI which cost a bit, and scared me about bigger expenses that might occur in the future. The UTI wouldn't be covered because of being pre-existing but i was thinking about cancer. I switched to Petcare after a couple of years because it was way cheaper than VPI. when i got zack, i called VPI and a couple more to ask if they covered hereditary conditions like MVD and they did not, but PetCare did. I'm not sure about Pet Partners (the AKC plan), it might cover hereditary. but on the phone, the pet care person emphasized that MVD and other conditions are definitely covered, she looked it up in a manual. There are a few exclusions for certain breeds but cavaliers are not on the list.

the first 30 days, there is no coverage for illness, it's a waiting period. Unfortunately zack got sick, costing $1100. It was diarrhea. Then one nnight, after 3 weeks, he had been lethargic all day (for the first time) and then started vomiting although he hadn't eaten. Over 3 or so hours he vomited 4 times, so i called the emergency hospital and asked if it sounded like something that could wait until the next day or not. She said no way of saying without seeing him, so i took him in at midnight. He vomited in his crate while we were waiting to see a doctor, poor little guy. Anyway, like you say, vomiting has to be taken seriously.

Even now, Zack is almost a year old but i still check things out when i haven't seen him in a few minutes, to see what he may be eating or chewing. When i leave him alone, i put away toys that have squeakers that could be torn out (even though he's never done that) or pieces that could be broken off, i no longer give him nylabones at all, even the hard ones, he's not a strong chewer but he can break pieces off a hard nylabone for some reason. I dont' even chance greenies or rawhides. anyway, the thing is, i'm scared of him eating something that might become an obstruction.

I consider pet health insurance to be a necessity, i couldn't afford to be paying thousands in big lumps. I'm paying high premiums for a high level of coverage, i can handle premiums, $53 a month, i figure i take my daughter and her boyfriend out for dinner and it costs that much and more, or i buy gadgets and things during a month for that much, it's money well spent. That is their highest level of coverage. they have other levels for less, going down to $25 a month for dogs (though my daughter said she got a letter from them saying premiums will be going up a couple of dollars).

I've used the insurance 2 or 3 times, once for an illness which turned out to be pyoderma and ran up a big bill for seeing three vets, about $500, and they paid it, less the $50 deductible. It wasn't a $50 deductible per visit, it was per incident so i only paid the deductible once. I used it again when zack scratched his cornea while fetching a ball and running into a bush, and then getting dust in it that night at the dog park after it seemed to have healed. That was around $250 i think, including the medicine. I think there was another claim, but maybe not, it's blurring together now. They paid very fast, their paperwork shows they paid the same day the claim was faxed to them, but it takes up to about two weeks to get a check in the mail.

I had a conflict with them over a mistake a vet made in misdiagnosing an enlarged heart resulting in a permanent exclusion for the heart, and at first it was difficult to get them to accept that the vet had made a mistake. the radiologist contacted them three times to say zack was ok despite what the other vet had said, but she was not putting it in a way that they wanted to hear, she wouldn't come right out and say the other vet made a mistake, although it was clearly implied. but finally when i directly emailed the person in charge of the underwriters and explained the reason why the diagnosis was a mistake in detail, the evidence showing it was a mistake, she immediately removed the heart exclusion. The conflict drug on for weeks because it took a while for me to go to the top so next time, if there is one, i'll do that sooner. but in the end, it turned out right so i appreciate that.

30th September 2006, 07:16 PM
The pet insurance I got was PetCare Gold. I have the $3000 per condition coverage for now. And I can up it to $6000 in a couple of years if I want to, and I figure I will. Mine is $40.95 a month, and has 100% coverage, but a $50 copay.

It begins covering for accidents immediately, but there is a 30 day waiting period for illness, which when you think about it makes some sense from the company's perspective.

I purchased it less than 30 days ago, so I have to wait until the coverage kicks in. So it didn't help me today when I had to bring Lucky in for diarheaa. Seems he's discovered the litter box which he seems to think is his personal treat box (we use a corn based cat litter so it isn't toxic or anything like clay or silica gel might be ... but it does upset his tummy). Well ... we'll keep him out of there and in the meantime he has tons of energy and is really enjoying his temporary diet of warm rice mixed with chicken baby food ...

30th September 2006, 08:19 PM
Many of us would say, insure a cavalier! You will likely be dealing eventually with MVD and ias you note, a trip to the emergency vet would run up a huge bill which alone would cover potentially many years of insurance cover payments. Anything unexpected will easily run into the hundreds and potentially thousands these days.

PetCare is the best in the US for cavaliers as is covers genetic conditions like MVD and SM at this time.

2nd October 2006, 02:10 AM
About Greenies.....I had read, and also heard, that they can sometimes be fatal...something about intestinal obstruction?

2nd October 2006, 02:12 AM
OK....a quick search and it came up on CNN.com, about the potential for Greenies to cause obstruction, apparently some dogs have died because of this. Just wanted to mention it here, but perhaps this has already been discussed here already.