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8th October 2006, 03:52 AM
Hi all!

Well, we made the drive to Niagara Falls today to pick up Bella! She was soooo good on the drive home. She just slept the whole way 8)

So, we've all spent the day getting acquainted, and for the most part we're doing just fine. She likes to be cuddled, but when you put her down (anywhere) her little tail goes between her legs and she's not sure what to do... to be expected I'm sure, new surroundings, new family.

I fed her when we got home, and then took her outside. I don't think she's spent a lot of time on grass, because she didn't seem to like the feel of it on her feet. After a bit, she did do a pee and a poop on the grass, and I duly praised and rewarded her!

She had one mishap on her crate pad.. which is now in the washing machine icon_blshing

After a few times outside, she seemed to enjoy the freedom of running around, and started hopping around, tail wagging, even a couple little barks, in a playful way (aawww!). After her dinner meal she peed and pooped again outside - good girl!

A couple of funny things I noticed while she's outside. After she does her business, she starts kicking up the grass, LOL, it's like a little ritual. It's cute, I'm just wondering what that's about??

Also, after she goes, she drags her butt around on the grass. You know, like she's sitting, and scooting herself forward with her front legs. Is she cleaning herself? Does she have an itchy butt?? I know my mom's poodles do this, but it's due to anal glands. Should I be concerned with this?

So, that's been our day! She's hanging out on the couch with her daddy right now. She's alert and playful, and even responds to her name (tilts head when you say it). I know our breeder has been calling her by name for almost 2 weeks now, so I guess it's sinking in!

I'll post some photos in the pics forum in a little bit.

I just love this baby! (and hubby is suitably smitten, too) :luv:

8th October 2006, 04:33 AM
I can only help with a thing or two, and your post reminded me of a couple of questions I have too.

First, yours. I have had many many dogs in my 60 years, and the vast majority of them have scratched the grass after going pottie. So I think that is perfectly normal. However, and I need more experts to elaborate on this, it seems to me that I've heard that dogs can pick up woms that way.

And as to the butt-dragging stuff, my Toby is doing that too, and I always thought that dogs did that because of worms, but Toby was dewormed just about 7 weeks ago, so need more experienced advice on that.

And I know nothing about the whole anal glands thing. I never heard of it till a year or less ago. I've had many mutts who lived to be 10 to 15 years old, and nobody ever got any kind of anal glands stuff. My poodle lived to be 17 years and just a couple of days short of 18. Never heard about any glands thing in her lifetime. So I don't know if this is just some money making enhancement for bad vets.

If there was some kind of evolutional thing that happened to dogs, and now they need this done, I'd like to hear the explaination.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am for you to have your Bella home. I never knew that someone could love a baby dog, like we love these Cavs.

8th October 2006, 04:37 AM
It is so exciting in the beginning learning all about their new little personalities, likes and dislikes. Cherish every moment (i'm sure you will)

My men do both of those things after toileting.

The flicking the grass in my interpretation is like their way of trying to bury their mess ?

and i'm sure the scooting thing is a way of cleaning their bums. It can also be associated with blocked or irritated anal glands so if you think it is excessive or baby appears to be in any discomfort maybe chat to your vet about it.
I have also heard it is a way of scenting which if baby is in a new place would make sense. ??

Food for thought anyway, I'm sure someone more with more knowledge than I will come along and give you an exact answer soon.

8th October 2006, 04:41 AM
:fool: Welcome bella!!! icon_welcome

zack has always done that thing with kicking up the grass with his feet too after going potty. it seems like some sort of pride thing, he's so proud of himself. the look on his face is like he's saying, "So THERE!" Like, he has just made a statement of his presence and he gets kind of smug about it--also, there is an exuberance about it, he seems so happy at those times.

Zack used to drag his butt a lot after he went #2, from when i first got him. Anal glands are a common "maintenance" issue with cavaliers, although a dog can drag their butt without their anal glands being full or irritated. At least i was told Zack didn't need his emptied when he was doing it. It's probably a sensation they have after they go and they're just rubbing in response to the sensation. One time, i had zack to the vet because he was sick and while he was there, she said she wanted to express his anal glands. She first asked me if he ever scooted. I hesitantly said yes, because once in a while he does, though usually not, and the previous vet had said he didn't need it done. but she said in that case that she wanted to express them. After that, it seemed he was scooting more and it went on for weeks. When i asked about it, i was told that can happen after anal gland expression, like, the glands are irritated by the procedure? maybe check with your breeder and see if Bella had hers done recently.

It sounds like everything is going normally and well. She's going pee and poo outside, how awesome can you get, Great job Bella!!

How old is she again? Sounds like everything is new to her.

looking forward to pictures....

8th October 2006, 05:13 AM
Thanks ladies!!

Judy, she's 10 weeks (almost 11). She's a whole 4.3 lbs, LOL.

We already have an appt made with our own vet for Wednesday. She was fully vet checked last week, dewormed and 1st shots, etc, and got a clean bill of health, but I just want our vet to give her a 'once over'. I really love our vet... when we told her we were getting a CKCS, she was sooo excited (she really loves them), so if anything she just wants to see Bella, LOL. I'll have to ask her about the scooting business and see what she says about it. I've only ever seen my mother's poodles do that, and I just thought they were weird :lol:

Well, we'll see how she does on her first night, and how much sleep we get, heheh. She'll be in her crate beside our bed :slp:

8th October 2006, 09:13 AM
Congrats on your arrival. I brought Oakley home on Friday!

8th October 2006, 09:27 AM
Congrats on your arrival. I brought Oakley home on Friday!

:wggle: :flwr: :flwr: :flwr: :flwr: :flwr: :wggle:

how's it going?

8th October 2006, 11:19 AM
Congrats on your new pup Bella. She fits her name well!

8th October 2006, 11:22 AM
Hi Girls,

OK then a few answers to your questions.....

They kick up the grass to cover over where they've been to the toilet - covering their tracks or scent, so to speak.

The butt scooting could either be worms (puppies are worm heaven :yuk: ) or anal glands. Sometimes, when they defecate (sp) a little of the fluid from the glands can escape and it irritates so the dogs are wiping it away.

Whenever I have gotten a puppy or a new rescue here I have always made a trip to the Vets one of my first ports of call. I just feel happier once I know they have been completely checked over and of course with a new puppy it will also help get them used to the sights and sounds of the Vets too.

How old is Bella? I would have thought she was a bit small to be having anal gland issues and would bet a penny to a pound that there might be worms in that little tum :(

Well done her for making it to the garden for wees and poops though. That's amazing for a newly brought home pupper :rah:

8th October 2006, 11:23 AM
Congrats on your arrival. I brought Oakley home on Friday!

:wggle: :flwr: :flwr: :flwr: :flwr: :flwr: :wggle:

how's it going?

So's not to take over this thread with new of my new boy I have just updated my thread :flwr:

8th October 2006, 07:16 PM
Hi Girls,

OK then a few answers to your questions.....

They kick up the grass to cover over where they've been to the toilet - covering their tracks or scent, so to speak....

yes, that's what it looks like.

i wonder if anyone else has seen this in their dog--i was paying closer attention to it on our walk last night. Zack not only does this right after a pee (and not every single time) but also, he was doing it sometimes when he hadn't peed.

He does it in an excited way, it's as if something, probably a scent, excites him and he starts intensely scraping the grass with all four feet, with a rather happy or excited even playful look on his face, kind of jumping in the air a little.

At first, in the past, i wasn't sure, maybe i just didn't see him pee before he did it, so last night, i was paying attention, he did it several times, sometimes after pee, sometimes clearly not.

then we were walking across the street from another dog and owner, some dogs Zack seems more interested in than others as he gets older and i could see that this dog, he was interested in, showing some building excitment. I thought it would be a good time to practice some training discipline, so i had him first heel, and then sit and stay. He was starting to squeal a little or make a couple of little high pitched but muffled sounds, as he tried to control himself. Then i had him heel on down the street, we didn't cross to visit the other dog. He was frustrated but he did what he was asked to do. Then i told him he was free to go, i released him, he's on a long retractable leash, and he ran onto a nearby lawn and began scraping his feet like crazy with that "happy" (or whatever it is) look on his face--it's kind of a wild look.

The other thing I've noticed about this behavior is that when he does it, he always looks right at me, eye contact, what looks like a playful or proud smile on his face.

Is that typical? do dogs generally look at you while they're burying their scent?

8th October 2006, 07:19 PM
Mine do and Maxx also covers up if he can smell where one of his friends have been. For instance I always know if my friend Win has walked her Cav Poppy just before us as I can guaranteee that Maxx will scuff where Poppy has weed not long before :lol:

Cathy T
8th October 2006, 11:25 PM
Both of mine like to "kick it up" after pottying. Not all of the time, but sometimes. Shelby in particular cracks me up when she does it...especially when she tries to do it on the concrete...silly girl! Both of mine scoot. Not a lot, but occasionally. I think mine do it because it feels good! They definitely don't have anal gland problems or worms, but the looks on their faces when they do it is funny.

9th October 2006, 12:03 AM
Welcome home Bella! What a beautiful puppy! And by the way I liked your website, I enjoyed your photgraphy very much!

9th October 2006, 05:20 AM
Congatulations on little Bella. She is a real doll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!