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8th October 2006, 05:19 PM
I have an appointment to get my Brady nuetered on Friday(it's also Friday the 13th so i'm a little scared about that) Brady was going to get nuetered about a month ago, but he got kennel cough, and then that turned into phenomena and he was hospitalized for a day and a half. That broke my heart. He also had coccidia too. That took the longest time to go away, and i'm not even sure if it's gone now because he had a strange poo this morning. i'll keep checking his poo, but i brought a sample in last wednesday and they didn't call me and they only call you if something is wrong with it. I was also wondering at what age do they get the long pretty hair? he's trying so hard to grow his hair out and then my boyfriend went and cut off the cute little curl he had at the end of his tail. it was like 3 weeks ago and it still looks funny! i am so glad that i found this site!

Brady's Mommy

9th October 2006, 02:20 AM
Hi there! Welcome! My Bentley really didn't start getting all the feathering and longer hair till he was about a year old, and I "think", altho am not real sure, that they continue to get more till about 2 years of age (somebody correct me of I am wrong). I know what you mean about being nervous and worried about neutering, but it really is a safe procedure. Oh gosh, your boyfriend cut off part of that beautiful tail?!?! Did you scold him a good one?!!! Keep us posted on how your boy does!

9th October 2006, 04:31 AM
Yep, it takes up to 2 years before they get their full coats. Just enjoy the minimal grooming for now, and wait patiently...oh, and hide the scissors from your boyfriend!! :lol:

9th October 2006, 04:48 AM
good luck getting him all well, gee, he's been through a lot recently. How old is he now? I'm so glad he recovered from kennel cough, pneumonia is so serious, but your vet was on top of it. If you think he's not right by Thursday night you can still reschedule the neuter again. I rescheduled it a couple of times--i don't think it was for health reason, i think it had to do with my work schedule. but the vet was fine about it, it seemed like they are doing lots of neuters and other surgeries per day so it's not like a cancellation leaves them twiddling their thumbs.

neutering is so simple, the worst part is the anaesthesia. if the lungs are back to normal, there shouldn't be any problem.