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9th October 2006, 08:23 PM
And she's so good. She adores her new bed, not to mention toys; she caught on to her name almost instantly, let me walk her around the garden using the show lead, let me try on her little aqua hoodie (I know, I'm cruel, but I couldn't resist and she looked adorable), and she's even getting used to the idea that I can leave the room but I'll come back! Not bad for less than four hours. I'll take some pics tomorrow- unfortunately my digital camera is hopeless at taking photos in anything other than good natural light.

Only one problem- she has a good try at ripping the nappies, but will leave the paper. Eh???!!! :yikes That could make house training sliiiightly tricky..

9th October 2006, 08:39 PM
Congrats Lisa - its much easier 2nd time!

9th October 2006, 08:42 PM
:jump: :jump:

Welcome to the board, Chloe Claret!

9th October 2006, 09:02 PM
great report Lisa--funny that she shreds the nappies but not the paper--still, if the paper works, count your blessings. :) chloe claret is a beautiful name. patiently awaiting photos, hopefully including aqua hoodie... :d*g:

10th October 2006, 03:03 AM
Welcome home little Chloe Claret! Can't wait to see your pretty little face :)
Julie and the girls

10th October 2006, 03:25 AM
Welcome home Chloe!! :)

10th October 2006, 11:50 AM
Chelle, your web site is lovely, how did you do that? I want one!!! cl*p

Cathy Moon
10th October 2006, 12:00 PM
:w*w: :mexwav:
:lotsaluv: Welcome Home Chloe Claret! :lotsaluv:

I'm sorry I'm such an idiot! I corrected her name in my post - sometimes I swear I'm losing my mind :oops:

10th October 2006, 07:53 PM
Well, Chloe's had a good first day. She's been carried around in her cute 'Bonnily' dog carrier bag that I think she will grow out of sooner rather than later. Her puppia harness (in aqua blue orion) arrived this morning, and the 'small' size is pretty perfect- I think I'll be struggling to get it on in terms of head size in just a few weeks. Then I'll advertise it here to see if anyone wants it! :D She seems to love the harness- been wearing it all day. Haven't put a collar on her 'cos she really did NOT like that...

Best of all, Holly's starting to get over the 'Eeek! Get that away from me! panic and has actually been trying to play with Chloe. However, since Chloe's ideas of play still tend to revolve around pulling tails and ears, and Holly's involve toys, there's something of a mismatch. But it was so cute to see them standing almost side by side as they tried to eat the long grass/weeds out of one of the garden container things :badgrin: :badgrin:

They slept in the living room together last night, and not a peep out of either, as far as I know. Even more astonishing, the puppy went all night without widdling or pooing or anything! And she's not 11 weeks yet! She's also starting running to the back door when she wants out, and I have the experience now to see the difference between general curiosity and 'I want to go' sniffing. As I type, baby is lying in her crate snoozing, while Holly cuddles equally happily next to me. All good in my house! :D

10th October 2006, 09:10 PM
wow! great news on the going all night without peeing, awesome.
good news on the social front with holly too.

pictures, pictures?

10th October 2006, 09:54 PM
I will. ASAP. I did take some with my mobile last night and intended to upload them via bluetooth, but while bluetooth seems to work perfectly laptop-mobile, it doesn't seem quite so co-operative the other way!

10th October 2006, 11:25 PM
Congratulations Lisa!!! :jump:
And welcome Chloe Claret.

So exciting... can't wait for the pictures.
Also, I'll put a bid on that small puppia. Sounds gorgeous 8) ;)

10th October 2006, 11:40 PM
I'll save it for you, and you can have it if you're coming up next week? I wouldn't be surprised if Chloe has outgrown the small by then- at the moment it only just goes over her head. I'm waiting to see how well the medium I've ordered for Holly fits the pair. I may well end up ordering another medium as well as a large- Holly should fit the medium reasonably well, but I'm guessing that Chloe will definitely be large when she's bigger! :D
That will be so weird. Holly and her little sister, who'll almost certainly be bigger than she is.. :badgrin: :badgrin:

11th October 2006, 10:34 AM
oh Welcome Chloe Claret (sorry, didnt see this sooner)..she sounds like an absolute doll! i can tell your going to have lots of fun with this one! cant wait to see lots and lots of pictures! :thmbsup: :jmp:

11th October 2006, 10:36 AM
ooh i just saw some of the pictures on the other thread! SO cute!

11th October 2006, 10:38 AM
omg im such an idiot..it was not CHloe ..it was a different post!!!!!!! and i was wondering..isnt Chloe a Ruby? and no i realise my mistake :x :sl*p: :sl*p: :sl*p: ..soz for the slip up!

11th October 2006, 10:50 AM
:rah: Welcome home to your new family, Chloe Claret :rah: Can't wait to see pics :flwr: :lotsaluv:

11th October 2006, 10:53 AM
Hi Lisa,

So glad to hear your two are getting along in such a short time! :thmbsup: I've only had 2 widdles in the night since friday - although I have been up around 3.30 every night :sl*p: (I do get a wee and a poo at that time outside) :wggle:

I've only had 3 widdles inside during the day and 2 of those were when the boys were battering each other! - the little icon_devil

This morning after they'd been out in the garden in the pooring rain, I found them both in one bed - it was so sweet! :hug:

11th October 2006, 04:54 PM
Which thread? Can't find them in the galleries or here, or am I blind??! Dying to get a look at her :)

11th October 2006, 05:13 PM
Cecily, that's an adorable atavar! I'll have pics up later tonight. Need to get them off the camera first! :D

Chloe went last night without a peep, and again nothing when I came down this morning at 7.30 to put them both out. Having said that, it was two when I went to bed, but I don't think Chloe wanted out then. Very pleased. Only one real accident today-at the very edge of the back door. Not bad!

Vet said Chloe weighs around 2 kilos. Kirsty, do you know what Oakley weighs? Mind, he's a few weeks younger, isn't he.

11th October 2006, 05:16 PM
CONGRATULATIONS on the new Baby, can't wait to see the photos!!

Glad she's settling well and getting on with Holly, that's a great start.