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Daisy's Mom
9th October 2006, 09:08 PM
I've seen a couple of topics about the rate of development of Cavaliers vis-a-vis their coat and ears, but I'm wondering about their size. When do they usually reach their adult size? Believe me, I know that's a hard question because when someone asks me questions like "when did your kids say their first word," I kind of stammer and hem and haw and say "the normal time?" I wrote some of it in their baby books, but I just don't remember timing of things like that off the top of my head.

But if any of you specifically remember about how old your dog was when he/she quit growing, could you post and let me know?

Daisy is 5+months old now, and she's getting pretty long and tall, though she is still really thin (kind of that gawky pre-teen stage). I was just wondering if this might be her adult size now in terms of height and/or weight. I don't know exactly how much she weighs, but I'm guessing around 10-12 pounds. I'm sure she'll fill out more, but I'm kind of hoping she won't get much longer or taller.

I went to a dog show a couple of weeks ago to kind of remind myself of how adult cavaliers look (just for fun). It seems like Daisy is already kind of a typical height, but it's hard to judge because the adult dogs have all that hair that Daisy doesn't have yet.

This is the first puppy I've had since I was a kid, so I just don't remember how long they keep on growing.


9th October 2006, 11:11 PM
I'm interested to know too. Lucky is just at 16 weeks old today. We had a vet visit for his rabies vaccine and he weighed in at 10.5 lbs. That seems a bit heavier than other dogs I've seen on here. That said, the vet is very happy with his weight because he's not fat at all. Just long. But he's gained 1/2 lb in 9 days.

I did a posting in the beginning of September called "Adult Size" (I think) and one of the things that someone mentioned is that litter size can play a role in how fast they develop, especially in the beginning. I found the answers I got really helpful, so if you haven't already you might want to check out that link.

10th October 2006, 12:47 AM
The breeders on the list can be precise on this one! :lol: But generally your cavalier will keep growing and filling out up to around a year or 18 months for girls and up to two years or so for boys, I have read from breeders in the past. Most of their height will come by the time they are 9 months or so, I found -- and most of their weight by one year. My two boys changed little in weight from about a year onward.

They often get lanky then fill out. More info here on puppy size and adult size:


Daisy's Mom
10th October 2006, 01:49 AM
Yikes! That makes me wonder how big she will get!

I do think she has really spurted up in height and length lately and I hope it's just a matter of filling in now. But if she will keep growing until 12 years or 18 months, we have a long way to go. I may be having Lassie or Rin Tin Tin on my hands here! Her parents were right around 15 or 16 pounds, so I hope she won't surpass them.

10th October 2006, 04:29 AM
Kingston weighed 8 pounds at 3.5 months old. He just turned 5 months old and now weighs 10lbs. His mother weighs 14lbs and father weighs 17lbs. It seems like your pup is growing at a pretty normal rate.

It'd be interesting if we started a thread for our dogs' weights, especially if people kept track of their growth rate month-by-month. Then we could see how our own dogs compare!

10th October 2006, 04:42 AM
I'd be interested in participating in a growth tracking thread. :)

I think it would be pretty intersting to see how some fast everyone grows up and when they stop growing

10th October 2006, 05:17 AM
Most of their height will come by the time they are 9 months oh thats good..i dont want mine to grow much bigger height wise!

Cathy Moon
10th October 2006, 12:13 PM
It's really neat to watch their faces mature and fill out as their bodies fill out and their coats come in. I think Geordie continued to change in subtle ways until almost age 3. Cavaliers are adorable as puppies, but stunningly beautiful as adults! :flwr:

10th October 2006, 01:00 PM
Cathy - Pippin did too. He just turned 3 years old on August 31st and in the last month I have noticed he is starting to get side whiskers (either side of his mouth) that are lighter ruby in color. He is really starting to look like a lion with a big mane around his face.

Here is Pippin as a Puppy. I can't remember how many months old he is in this picture.

Here is Pippin on September 4th. The whiskers I am referring to just showed up at the corners of his mouth on his lower cheeks. You can see them also in the avatar that I posted.

Daisy's Mom
10th October 2006, 03:13 PM
Ohhhh, Pippin is so beautiful, both then and now!

I'll try to weigh and measure Daisy tonight so I can post her current 5 1/2 months stats to see how she compares. It's amazing to me how much she has grown in 3 months.

10th October 2006, 05:48 PM
Duncan is a big boy -
He was about 10.5 lbs at 16 weeks and topped out at 21 in July of this year. Our vet asked us to get some weight of of him...with all the fur I honestly didn't notice his pudgy belly :oops: ...So "Chunky Duncky" is on a diet with his next weigh in scheduled for Nov 10 (19 months) when we have to board him for the weekend. (I AM SO DREADING THAT!!) I think chasing his little brother and his diet changes have helped him slim down so I am hoping to find an 18 lb-er when we get to the scales.

Arthur looks like a starving child -
Arthur was 9 lbs at 16 weeks. Seriously, he looks mal-nourished but I swear he eats and eats and then eats again...total chow hound. It's just that he gets taller and longer daily. I may be exaggerating a bit, but he is so awkward looking. He looks like a lanky preteen. People have called him a deer before :D I can't wait to see how he turns out...

Looking at Duncan and Arthur together is is really cool to see how much filling out Arthur has to do but hopefully the height and wieght will be equal to Duncan. Currently he is about 2 inches shorter at is just over 5 months...we'll see. :yikes

10th October 2006, 06:39 PM
Gus is 9 months and I think he is about 16 pounds. He hasn't changed much in the last few weeks so I think he is leveling out.

10th October 2006, 09:25 PM
Charlie is from a small litter of three, and when we got him at 3 months old, he weighed only 5 lbs.! But, he's been growing a lot-- at 6 months old now, he weighs almost 12 lbs.!
( :lol: and he also looks like a deer w/ his long thin legs!)

Daisy's Mom
11th October 2006, 01:40 AM
Well, I weighed Daisy tonight and she is just under 12 pounds at 5 1/2 months old. And, like Charlie, she is all legs at this point. She seems very tall and lanky.

I just gave her a bath and she's all worked up and therefore hard to measure, but I think she is about 15 inches from the base of her neck to the base of her tail.

Cathy Moon
11th October 2006, 01:52 AM
Cathy - Pippin did too. He just turned 3 years old on August 31st and in the last month I have noticed he is starting to get side whiskers (either side of his mouth) that are lighter ruby in color. He is really starting to look like a lion with a big mane around his face.

Yes I see the side whiskers :) - Geordie turned 3 on July 30th. When he was between ages 2 and 3, he grew 2 little tufts on the sides of his face. I'm too lazy to drag the camera out this evening to get a photo, though. Sometimes we call him "Tufty" as a nickname. :lol:

11th October 2006, 05:24 AM
daisy's mom (or anyone)--wouldn't it help to find out what size daisy's mom and dad grew to be, to get an idea of how big she will get, or is that not a good predictor?

zack weighed almost 14 pounds when he was 5 months, and 14+ pounds when he as neutered at 7 months, and still 14+ pounds when he got sick and went to the vet at 9 months, and was still 14.4 pounds 9 days ago at almost a year old, when i weighed him at the pet store, and then, day before yesterday at the pet store, he was 15 pounds even. I felt really excited, he actually had an increase.

But i don't know how to tell the difference between a healthy increase and an unhealthy increase--is it natural growth or is it unwanted weight gain? He's been having some training so he's had more treats than he was getting before. Still, to my eye, he doesn't look any bigger and i dont' think anyone would consider him overweight by his appearance.

Anyway, he didn't increase in weight at all from around 5 months old until now, 12 months.

molly+charlies mum
11th October 2006, 10:59 AM
my cav molly is 3 and weighs 18lbs she is a little shorty,my other cav charlie is 21months and weighs 20lbs but he is starting to look slimmer i think he is fully grown now the only thing that needs to grow on him is his ears :roll:

11th October 2006, 11:54 AM
Melirn was 15 pounds at 9-10 months. He then steadied off at 18 - 18.5 in the last few months as he's filled out. I weighed him yesterday - he was 19 pounds........- this is because he keeps tucking into Oakley's dish who is a whopping 5 pounds - fat little ewok! ( Thanks Cathy for the nickname! :lol: )