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10th October 2006, 12:07 AM
when i read karlin's note, trying to find an emergency short term home for Sweetie girl, like others here, i was deeply touched by her plight, and of other homeless babies. Like others here who live far away, i wished i could do something to help. on that impulse, i went to the US Cavalier club website rescue page, looking for volunteer opportunities. I didn't see any, but there was an option of making a donation, so i did make a small one. i plan to keep doing it regularly. It was easy, just press the button and use paypal.

Today, i got an email from them, thanking me, it was a personal note which i didn't expect. Especially with a small donation, thought it was an impersonal thing and my donation would go into a large pot of money to be used and allocated in ways i wouldn't necessarily understand or know about. But in the email, the woman who wrote to thank me said that my donation was going to be contributed for medical care of Murphy, a special needs boy being fostered in New York state.

That made me feel good. I had felt good about donating anyway, but it added something special to know that Murphy has people taking care of him and that i can help a little bit.


Cathy T
10th October 2006, 01:54 AM
Pat on the back going out to you Judy. I handle rescues in the San Diego area and we survive only on donations. When I home a dog we set an amount the new owners pay and it goes into our rescue fund so that if we get a dog that needs medical care we have the money to take care of it. I'm telling ya...every little bit helps.

10th October 2006, 03:11 AM
Great work Judy. Getting a personal email like that makes a big difference doesn't it? Shows you that every little bit is appreciated.
Julie and the girls

10th October 2006, 03:51 AM
Thank you so much for posting this Judy! I made a donation as well and will continue to donate as I can!

It breaks my heart to hear about the rescue dogs needing homes. If I didn't have 4 pets already, I'd take them all if I could! But I'm so glad to have the opportunity to donate something!

Great job!!!! cl*p

10th October 2006, 05:25 AM
That's a really sweet thing you did Judy. It's nice to know we are all able to do something even if we live far away..i just made a donation and will continue making them as i can.. its good to know we can help. :)

Bruce H
10th October 2006, 12:22 PM
Thank you so much, Judy, RileysMom, and Nisha for your donations to rescue.

As Cathy T pointed out, rescue survives on donations. The costs associated with rescue can be very high and every penny helps. For example, the vet bill for Honey and Sergio that we have in our home right now was over $1,000 each :yikes . The people who adopt them will be asked to make a donation to rescue, but it is unlikely anyone will be able to make enough of a donation to cover those kinds of costs. So additional money has to come from donations from people like Judy, RileysMom and Nisha.

And if you aren't in a position to make a monetary donation, contact rescue about other things such as fostering, transporting, etc.

So enough of my "Begging for Dollars" :D

10th October 2006, 01:34 PM
I worked for a cat only rescue in Texas many years back. It was a start up rescue at the time and I remember how hard it was to get money in. Our founder had special deals with vets in the neighborhood, but still they need to get paid something. I remember spending probably at least 20 hours a week during that time changing litter boxes, sewing catnip pillows to be sold at adoptions in exchange for a $1.00 donation ... Not to mention taking care of the fosters and taking them weekly to the adoptions.

So, I'd echo what Bruce says and that reminds me ... Nicki - how do I go about ordering those little puppy blankets to support NESSR? :)