View Full Version : New Greenies, good or bad?

12th October 2006, 12:10 AM
I had tried the old formula of Greenies and then I had heard that dogs died from eatting too big of a chunk. Now they have a new formula. I was wondering what everyone's take it was. Thanks!

12th October 2006, 12:35 AM
I guess if it were me, I would still be worried....but then I am way overly-cautious.

12th October 2006, 12:42 AM
I fed and still feed Greenies but haven;t come across the new ones (I will I suppose in my next cannister order). My dogs love them. None of them bite off chunks. A dog that does chew off large chunks shouldn't be fed treats of this kind, generally (booda bones, nylabone edibles, etc).

The new formula looks like they have replaced whatever ingredients made the chew firm and now it is chewy and more digestible. Interesting; though one of the things I like about old Greenies is they last for a while. I'll be interested to see how these compare. I didn't even know they had changed.

12th October 2006, 12:58 AM
US residents can order a free sample at http://www.greenies.com/en_US/default.asp?

We've been buying their Smart Biscuits and Pixie loves them. And the cats go absolutely nuts over Feline Greenies.

12th October 2006, 01:04 AM
That's interesting about the cat Greenies! I have never tried them because my cats aren;t much interested in treats (I have a packet of little dried fish that the dogs get now... :lol:). My mom's cavalier likes those biscuits as well as regular Greenies.

12th October 2006, 01:08 AM
i'm just worried because i gave brady one tonight, and he was doing fine with it until the end little bit when he could fit it in his mouth. he chewed on it that way for a little bit, but then all the sudden it was gone. it wasn't really all that big maybe round about the size of the index finger nail...no other way really to discribe the size of it...i'm just worried. it also says for dogs 6 mo and older, and he'll be 6 mo on the 25 of this month...it's only like 15 days or so, and he has all his adult teeth, i think that's the only thing they're worried about is with puppy teeth, or missing teeth...i gave him one of the old one before and he seemd fine, but i took it away before he could eat the little bit at the end. i'll just have to watch his poo for the next few days i guess.

also, they have those new IAMS tarter treat things, anyone try those? I bought a small bag but haven't given it to him yet.

12th October 2006, 06:34 AM
I do worry about those.. a lady at the dog park said her pug got a blockage from one and had to have surgery.... guess it depends on how aggressive they are with chewing, Gus can even chew thru rubber bones!

12th October 2006, 07:47 AM
Seems like millions of dogs eat them without harm, only an occasional dog is hurt by them, but i don't have any need to take the risk at all because Zack has plenty of other things he is happy to chew. Having Greenies would not add to the quality of his life.

When i first got him, greenies are one of the things i got at the pet store on the way home when i stocked up on stuff that first night, and i gave greenies to him, little puppy sized ones, he liked them ok, but seemed to like bully sticks more than anything. He also liked dental chews i got at the vet.

Then i started reading things about tragedies with greenies, heart rending stories of healthy dogs dying after first suffering terribly, grief stricken owners filing lawsuits, so i took them away, and put away the bag. some time later, Zack apparently found a greeny that had been stashed somewhere in the house that i didn't know about . I found out about it when i found him vomiting. There was something bright green in it, and a piece of a greenie on the ground. I have no idea why it made him vomit--maybe he swallowed a piece that was too big, i guess that would be the most likely explanation. Shortly after that, there was a loose stool with bright green color in it. This confirmed my determination to avoid greenies.

Zack is not a strong chewer, he never did chew up his first bully stick after he'd had it for a month or two. He doesn't destroy his toys, he still has some of his first cloth squeaky toys. But he can break small pieces off of a nylabone, the hard nonedible ones for strong chewers, so i dont' give him hard plastic chews.

He has other things he loves to chew so it's just not necessary to take a risk. If it depends on the dog as to whether greenies are a risk to them or not, then i would say that I got a red flag on zack when he vomited part of a greeny and also passed it in his stool.

12th October 2006, 03:05 PM
Brady does seem to love his bully stick. I only bought one Greenies at the store because I wanted to check and she what they did different. I haven't had any green poo this morning but it was kinda soft. Why are bully sticks better that rawhide?

12th October 2006, 03:25 PM
Lauren - from what I've read on this board

I think bully sticks are bulls winkies :grnyuk:

and rawhide ( what i call chewy sticks) is leather/skin that is not good enough grade to be used in the normal way (I think)

12th October 2006, 04:08 PM
Brady does seem to love his bully stick. I only bought one Greenies at the store because I wanted to check and she what they did different. I haven't had any green poo this morning but it was kinda soft. Why are bully sticks better that rawhide?

i think i remember hearing it said on these boards that greenies were not actually edible, they didn't break down during digestion, the dog wasn't meant to swall any pieces of it, but they do, so in some unfortunate cases, the piece of greenie caused a block in the digestive tract, causing the dog to become quite sick.

Bully sticks are actually edible and will break down during digestion.

Still, anything a dog chews that can come apart in pieces may cause digestive problems and even a blockage so it's probably wise to supervise. Even carrot sticks--if too big of a piece is swallowed, it could potentially cause choking.

12th October 2006, 04:27 PM
Mine have never had 'Greenies' but I've bought them green chewy things from pets at home - doggy toothbrushes I think they're called. Are they the same?

Mine weren't that fussed tbh and much prefer bully sticks and chewy sticks (we call them that too, Kirsty).