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13th October 2006, 12:06 PM
Well, its a week today since we picked up Oakley. We have only had 4 accidents in the house. This morning was the biggest and messiest!

Stupid me had given the boys a drink of watered down milk this morning as breakfast had been skipped because its much more fun to pull your big brothers ears than eat ( and now not being a softy didn't worry that one meal is missed! :D )

Well of course between them they drank almost a pint of milky mix. Little one then decided to have a snooze but then got up and mooched behind my legs - only to have a pee! :shock: :roll: I was so busy looking at the forum - I missed this and he decided he would lie in it :grnyuk: , oh and then drag sammy seal into the wee too!

Needless to say when I realised - got the little devil and popped him in the bath - a quick crazy dog baby shampoo and blow dry later we were all cleaned up ( so was the floor) - sammy is now in the wash!

Now to the point of my post.........

So we were back to normal.... Oakley went into the kitchen and what did I hear..........only the poochie bells :mexwav: (from helping udders)

I went into the kitchen and there my little man is by the door waiting to go out! I took him out and got a wee and a poo in return :jmp2:

(apologies if you think its a bit sad posting this but according to Shirlee Kalstone's book you shouldn't expect much from a puppy younger than 16 weeks - so I am quite pleased)

Cathy Moon
13th October 2006, 12:12 PM
What a bright little boy! :)

13th October 2006, 03:52 PM
I'm very pleased with Chloe. She's had no accidents in the house apart from first evening in the pen (which was duly dismantled), no accidents overnight in her crate, and as soon as I open the door for Holly she's out and doing her stuff! If I tell her to 'widdle' she usually does, even if it's just a drop. I'm feeding her twice a day, and when we're all at home, giving her plenty of water. Obviously the water supply dries up considerably in the evening, but since I take her out around 1-2am, and then again this morning it wasn't til nearly 8 am that she was out again- and no accidents! I was very pleased with that because I forgot to lock the crate that Holly's water bowl wasin, and Chloe got into that and drank the lot, so.. :D :D :D

And well done Kirsty and Oakley too- he's even babier than Chloe ;)

13th October 2006, 04:20 PM
Just when was feeling good about Arthur's progress...we had a very strange accident in the house. As most of you know we got Arthur at 16 weeks and he has been very good and easy to house train... a real pleasant surprise.

He has been so good that he "graduated" out of the kennel and into bed with us (I'm such a sucker) about a week ago. Well last night...we get into bed as usual and the little man goes directly under the covers and begins to dig out his sleeping spot next to my knee. Again, this is the pattern. Next thing I know my leg is very warm and wet :grnyuk:

Yes, my precious ruby weed all over me, my bed, everywhere...and he had just gone outside too! Obviously sleep was delayed to clean up all involved. Ugh...what have I done wrong? :sl*p: :?