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15th October 2006, 11:05 AM
I am told a particular person who has threatened me numerous times and been involved in prosecutions currently has several litters of cavalier puppies becoming available after dozens of breeding dogs that were confiscated from her were returned. I am also told they are listed as if they have AKC registration but, surprise, the papers never arrive to boyers.

Please if you are considering getting a puppy from anyone in this region (and this person sells on the internet and ships), PM me and I will discuss further. Please note that there are legit breeders as well and this does not imply anything about all breeders in the state.

I would advise checking with the AKC or CKCSC to determine if your breeder is actually registered with either of these organisations because this person is not. A reminder that going by what an internet site says is not any indication of the truth -- it's easy to make claims on a website and all such claims need to be independently verified.

PLEASE keep the health and welfare of the breed foremost and don't buy from 'bargain' breeders or brokers or anyonme offering more than two breeds of dog, a sure sign of a broker or puppy mill -- there is a reason for the 'bargain'.

matties mum
15th October 2006, 11:23 AM
Your Pet Store Pup

Cherish your new petstore pup -
Stand always by his side.
Mend his ills and give him hugs
And lots of fun car rides.

Feed him well and let him run
To build his body strong.
Play with him and give him treats.
Love him his whole life long.

You'll soon become his hero.
He will not ask you for much.
He'll trade his lifelong loyalty
For your kind word and touch.

Count him among your blessings,
As you are his blessing, too,
But then please do just one thing more
When every day is through.

Take time to look into his eyes
Each night you tuck him in.
I bet you'll see reflected there
Two other pups like him.

They'll never have a family,
Soft bed, good food, or fun.
They live life out in a wire box,
And never get to run.

They suffer searing heat at times,
At others freezing cold,
As weeks and months and years drag by
While they are growing old.

So think about his mom and dad
Who shine there through his eyes,
And remember all the mill dogs
Who are paying with their lives.

If they had ever had a chance,
They'd have grown up like him, too,
With years of love to give and get
Before their lives were through.

You'll never see them face to face
Such miracles are rare -
But pray for your pup's mom and dad,
For they are dying there.

I hope you donot mind if you want to move this please do----Aileen

15th October 2006, 01:42 PM
Happy to have it here, it sums things up very well.

I also have had a number of backyard breeders recently attempting to register for the board. A backyard breeder by my definition is any person, regardless of whether they come up with a kennel name to add pretend legitimacy to their exploitation of the breed, who breeds without testing, uses the bogus registries, breeds their dogs with other dogs from other well known backyard breeders or just someone who owns another cavalier, has no idea what genetic issues may be carried in the lines of any of these dogs because they did absolutely no research, doesn't show, isn't involved with the clubs, breeds their dogs at under two and a half... and undercuts the ethical, committed breeders in price by just enough to easily sell their poor exploited puppies and still make a huge profit (because their dogs cost them so little when they don't test! Simply 'raising my dogs in my home' and having your vet OK the health of the puppies but never having the breeding dogs cardiac etc tested, is NOT an ethical breeding program, ladies!! And you know it full well).

If you are one of these people and discover your account has not been activated and your website link has been removed, you will know why you aren't able to post and the sales link for your unethically bred cavalier puppies is gone. I check out all websites of breeders attempting to register and some of you are well enough known as suppliers of trash dogs that I can track you down through your email address alone when attempting to verify your registration. I won't allow people on this board who deliberately destroy the breed for profit and whether you do it through ignorance or greed or a combination of both, the end result is the same.

15th October 2006, 04:29 PM
I won't allow people on this board who deliberately destroy the breed for profit and whether you do it through ignorance or greed or a combination of both, the end result is the same.


Have I told you latley how much I adore you?

15th October 2006, 04:39 PM
Thanks Karlin, for all you do, championing the breed and trying to stamp out these terrible people who exploit the cavalier breed fro their own benefit.

You do a great job. :thnku:

Cathy T
15th October 2006, 04:53 PM
Karlin, you are my hero!! You couldn't have said it any clearer. Simply stating that the pups are raised in your home and have "vet" clearance is simply not enough!!!! You MUST ask for more. What is the lineage, where is the heart testing, are they even aware of what sm is?!! It's simply astounds me that I can ask these questions of someone selling Cavaliers and they can't answer. You run into someone like that and you run as fast and as far as you can. DO NOT support these people...they are destroying our precious breed.

15th October 2006, 05:56 PM
aloha karlin, just have to echo what the other's have said. you are a special lady with a great commitment. you are much admired.

15th October 2006, 09:40 PM
:xctly: what is needed, thank you Karlin for all the hard work you do and for clarifying this...

many of us have lived with, lost too young, suffered with and cried for our beloved companions, who have developed so many health problems due to poor breeding :( :(