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15th October 2006, 02:48 PM
Hi Guys :)

I am sure you remember the training drama that I had a few weeks back about Kos being forced to participate per the trainer's instructions and being SCARED out of his mind.

We ended up having a week off from training (from Canadian Thanksgiving) and then classes resumed yesterday. I decided to go to finish this class so I can have the certificate. We were more than halfway through.

So yesterday we go in and I learned 3 things.. One, apparently Casey (the big bully) pounced on a chihuaua and hurt it real bad. The owner of Casey is very upset (she's a very nice person just has a hard time controlling him) and she was at oods over what to do with him. One thing is for sure though, she will not let him come within 10 feet of Kos anymore. I guess now she really understands.

Second thing is, you know how the trainer made me force Kosmo to lay down and stay even though he didn't want to? Apparently she did that to another dog this week, a BIG dog, and she got bit because of it!! She apologized to me too.. :)

Kosmo was a LOT better at class yesterday. He played with everybody and had a particular interest in the labs .. They are so cute. The couple that brings them has littermates, a chocolate and a black, and Kos and I met them when we went to a free training seminar before classes even began. I am fortunate to at least have 2 dogs who've grown up with us. They are so big now! It's good to see him playing with the labs though given their huge size. It means he's not scared anymore! :D

Third thing, apparently the lady who is in charge of doing the canine good citizenship test and the therapy dog test for my region, which I will be volunteering in, has stepped down. My trainer told me that she had been asked to take the position and is going to do it. Because this is one of the HUGE reasons for training anyways, I am translating it into a huge home field advantage. If she's the one giving the test, that will be awesome. He's seen her almost every saturday for more than half of his life, and is used to being around her and "performing" around her. That really puts stress off of me for the test. She also told me yesterday that she thinks Kos will be ready for his test at 1 year! :) That makes me excited. I can't wait to be able to visit elderly people in nursing homes. I think Kos was born for that type of thing. He LOVES everybody and I've been working on making him well mannered. I really think he'll be good at it and he'll love doing it.

This week we're learning how to shoot the dog. Kos isn't too fond of it, LOL. I say bang and he looks at me like "woman, are you crazy?!" :lol:

Coco's mom
15th October 2006, 03:22 PM
Hi Sara,
I'm glad to hear that Kosmo is feeling so much better in class! :wggle: It's unfortunate that it took more incidents and people/dog's getting hurt for Casey's owner and your trainer to understand your side of the situation.

Good job Kosmo on the therapy training! That's one smart pup! :flwr:

15th October 2006, 05:40 PM
Oh my god, what's shooting the dog?? :yikes :yikes :lol:

Sara, so glad it's all working out for Kos and you. I knew it would :) Ignoring problems has a way of coming back to bite you on the bum, as the trainer found out :lol:
Poor Casey's mom. Maybe she'll opt for a cavalier next time :lol:

15th October 2006, 10:05 PM
It's really good to hear that Kosmo is feeling better in class now. That's so important. Obviously the woman with the overexcited dog now understands how important training really is and that she must control her dog! :swear:
Sounds like Kosmo is a smart little guy, wow being able to take the CGC test at one year is great! :thmbsup: Good job you two! I'd love for Riley to be able to take it, but he won't be ready at one year (2 months from now), he'll need to calm down some more. I think it's great that you want to do therapy work with him. That is so rewarding i hear. Keep us updated on Kosmo's progress. :)