View Full Version : Weekend agility report

16th October 2006, 01:44 AM
nada, nothing, big fat 0 for 4, not even close...oh well Riley (lab) had some fun frustrating his mom...we had no weaves all weekend and no start line...his usual..does it okay in class but in a trial..nope nada..it's getting easier about thinking about retiring him after next weekend...other than that it was a pretty good weekend..had gorgeous days friday for setup and for running on Saturday..today we had some to alot of rain..had fun potlucks with some friends on friday and saturday night..

Robbie did great traveling and staying in a hotel..He also got to visit with 3 cocker spaniels, a portugese water dog, and a silky terrier as he spent alot of time at my friend's motor home and with her dogs in their x-pens..he also got to meet several other Cavs that were there running. Everyone thought he was quite handsome and very loving..which of course he is..*G*

so if you don't count the 4 runs it was fun..LOL...

Riley got a great laugh from the crowd today .. he always gets cheese after a run back at his crate..I tell him go find your crate and he runs in and waits for his cheese..well after poking around the jumpers course today I get his leash on him and tell him go find his crate and he puts on the afterburners pulling me along at the end of his leash..moving the fastest he moved all weekend..LOL

Cathy Moon
16th October 2006, 02:26 AM
Glad you had a good time! That's what it's all about - people and their dogs having fun! :)

16th October 2006, 03:43 AM
:lol: I can really picture Robbie running like a fiend for his crate. glad you enjoyed some fresh air, sunshine, good food and good company. Keep at it, rome wasn't built in a day ;)

16th October 2006, 02:15 PM
Well at least they had fun! Sounds like Robbie enjoyed his outing and Riley really does enjoy his cheese! ;) :dogwlk: Fun with friends and dogs is always a good thing. Maybe next time competition will go differently. Would have liked to see pic of Riley and the run to the crate. :lol: :snap: