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16th October 2006, 09:16 AM
hi all, last week daisy had a bladder infection and she was on antibiotics for 5 days, these antibiotics finished on friday evening, and yesterday (sunday) she was unwell again, and this morning (monday) she has blood in her wee and also dripping out of her again. got a vets appointment for this morning at 11.20, but just wondering if this could be the symptom of something else.. seems a bit strange that it has come back straight away again. i feel really sorry for her at the moment because she keeps having to go to the vets, this will be the 3rd time she has had a bladder infection and she is only 13 weeks old.

molly+charlies mum
16th October 2006, 11:19 AM
poor daisy lets hope she gets better soon :d*g:

16th October 2006, 11:46 AM
just got back from the vet, on some more antibiotics, for 10 days this time. she also had an injection at the vets, poor daisy i think she is fed up with going to the vet!! he said that it i shouldnt worry too much about it, but maybe i should let her have her first season so that she can tighten up down there, well i am not sure, i said i would prefer to have her spay before her first season, so i am going to have a think about it. i am booked in to the vet for another weeks time to check on her. he said it might be something more sinister inside daisy but that he thinks it is just an infection.

Cathy T
16th October 2006, 04:49 PM
Sometimes one course of antibiotics won't do the trick and a 2nd course needs to be done. Can't offer an opinion on the spaying as I had Shelby done before she had a seaon. She was spayed at 6 months.

16th October 2006, 06:31 PM
good luck. sorry daisy has to go through this, and you too.
the vet started off conservative, now he's being aggressive. If it's infection, he'll probably get it this time. most likely that's all it is. if she improved with the first 5 days of meds, it sounds like it's infection and just needs more powerful treatment which she's getting now. i hope she has a quick response.

16th October 2006, 08:24 PM
If you are unsure on the spay I'd get a second opinion from a different vet or even call for advice from someplace like Dog's trust. It may well be that it is better for her to be well clear of any infections and also a bit more mature if she is having UTI problems. It sounds like he has a concernt hat spaying before may make her more prone to urinary incontinence after spaying -- and for me, this WOULD be a concern I'd be listening to. Far better to mind her carefully through a season than to have to live with a leaky dog! :) It sounds like he feels her immature urinary tract is potentially causing problems and spaying would halt some further development that might help all around. Any time any one is unsure of why a vet is given a particular line of advice, be sure to ask for a careful and full explanation. You are paying them after all and you are the customer! Also for any major concern it is worth paying to see a second vet and get a second opinion. :thmbsup: