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16th October 2006, 04:22 PM
Oh the joys of puppy #2....

My hubby and I went out of town this weekend for the first time since getting Arthur. We were just gone for 24 hours and asked our neighbors who have kept Duncan numerous times if they would mind keeping both boys. They have two kids and were very excited...

Arthur was not a good visitor. It has never occured to us that Arthur has never, not even once, gone to the bathroom on a leash. We always leave through the back gate for walks and Arthur typically uses the bathroom as soon as we walk outside and then never once he is leashed.

Well he gets to the neighbors and they don't have a fence so all potty trips are made on the leash. Arthur didn't go once outside and then went in their house each time the leash was removed. I feel so bad because I never put 2 and 2 together to even think this would be a problem. Now, I am pretty sure they will not be too thrilled about keeping the pups anymore.

We don't travel a lot at all but I hate the thought of boarding my babies when we have to... :(

Frustrated here...any advice....

16th October 2006, 04:58 PM
Hmmm...the first thing I'd do is give my neighbors a special gift to compensate for the extra duty they had to do. Something like a gift certificate to a restaurant or movie and the offer do something fun (babysite) with the kids while they're out. Depending on the ages of the kids, you could take them to a movie or rent one, zoo-night, Chucky Cheese (ugh!), play games, etc. That may help erase some bad memories. :badgrin:

Then I'd start working with Arthur. At his regular potty time, put on his leash and take him to his usual "spots" in the back yard. Tell him to "get busy" or "go potty" or "do your business" or any phrase that you're comfortable using to let him know you want him to relieve himself. Keep the leash on him till he completes the mission, and then PRAISE and treat him. It may take a while the first few times, but nature will get the best of him and eventually he will have no choice than to go to the bathroom. The key is that you have to keep the leash on him at all times so that you can catch him being good and reward him immediately.

Do you crate him? If so, and Arthur is particularly stubborn, you can add the crate into the equation. Let's say you take him out and after a good amount of time he still hasn't relieved himself. Don't make a big deal about it. Just go inside and calmly put him in his crate. After a short period, ask him if he wants to "get busy" (or whatever phrase you choose), release him from the crate, put the leash on, and return to the backyard. Catch him being good, praise and reward him immediately.

Once he gets the hang of it in the yard, I'd take him other places and make sure he understands the command no matter where he is. Then I'd take him to the neighbor's yard (with poop bags to clean up!) and show off his new "trick." Hopefully they'll understand the lengths you went to and will sit for your guys again. After all, who could resist two cute (and well trained) cavaliers!

Good luck!

16th October 2006, 07:11 PM
The leash has definitely been moved inside and will be used on ALL occasions. I just feel terrible that this happened. We have only had Arthur for 4 weeks now so I know he will be taught I just feel like a bad neighbor and in someways a bad mom for not realizing the issue I was creating....I was so impressed with him going outside that any other circumstance was out of my mind entirely. :sl*p: :oops:

16th October 2006, 07:18 PM

Did they say anything to you, how close are you with them.

I would ask them, and like Mic suggested I would definetely get them a gift certificate of some sort for looking after them unless you already have.

I remember when we went to my nephews wedding a few years ago, Dudley was only a puppy and I left him with my neighbor she told me that he cried most of the time he was at her house.

I am pretty close with her and told her, he was probably crying to go outside and she would'nt let him out. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

All kidding aside, if it is bothering you I would speak with them about it.

16th October 2006, 08:09 PM
Also I'd seriously think about whether leaving them with neighbours is OK anyway, with either one or two. Unless these are very dear friends who adore dogs, it may at first have been a kind offer that now is seen as an imposition that they cannot get out of easily, as they have minded one dog in the past.

In general I think minding two dogs would be a lot to ask of anyone, especially a puppy which is pretty time consuming -- my very good friends volunteered once to take mine and that was fine that once, but I didn't feel comfortable having them responsible and also I think they found the dogs took a lot more time than they expected. Unless you have a long talk with them where you are absolutely, positively sure that they love the idea of minding even one dog, I would suggest looking for a good home boarding or kennelling service.

I can tell you from experience that most dogs are totally laid back about being boarded at a good kennels or in a home boarding situation. It is much harder for the person leaving :) -- but 99% of dogs are not even slightly anxious when left though of course they are delighted when someone returns. :lol:

Something to consider too is that your own dogs are much safer in a secure boarding situation than they are when with neighbours who might leave a door open or a gate with disastrous consequences. Non dog owners -- even former owners who have forgotten what it is like to have a dog -- are most likely to forget about doors, windows etc and for me the risk would never be worth it. That's one additional reason I told my friends I would board my dogs, after thanking them for their repeated offers to mind my then-two dogs -- they have children who so easily could leave the front door open.

18th October 2006, 09:49 PM
Another thing to consider is asking someone at your vet if they know of anyone that they would recomend to puppysit. Most of the time there is an employee that works at the vet that would be willing to do this job for extra cash as they are working their way through vetinary school. A Vet employee would not only be trust worthy and have loads of dog experience, but you would know how to get in touch with them all the time. There is a girl at my vet who gives the option of coming to the house or keeping the pet at hers if you feel more comfortable with constant supervision. I'm sure there is someone at your vet who would be willing to do the same.

Cathy Moon
19th October 2006, 01:50 AM
I always board my dogs at a very nice, small kennel near my house. Many people board their small and toy breed dogs there, and I've seen other cavaliers there before.

My dogs do seem to enjoy themselves, and we make sure we board them several times a year, even if it's just for a night or two, so it's a familiar place for them.

They love looking at all the other dogs, and they have a doggy door so they can go outside. I've spied on them when they could not see me, and I know they are happy. The couple who owns the kennel are very kind, and take the time to play with the dogs and brush them. :flwr:

19th October 2006, 06:13 PM
Gifts have been given and apologies made...we are working with Arthur and things are going well.

We are travelling again in a few weeks and have made arrangements to board the dogs at out vet. They will be together in a 4x6 foot room with a raised bed area. I can bring any toys, pads, blankets, etc that I want. They will be let out into a yard every few hours to play and potty. They will be let out together but with no other dogs even though all the dogs share the same yard. It is at our vet so I have no worries. My only problem is that it costs a significant amount extra to pick them up on Sunday afternoon because they are not fully staffed and have to get an office clerk to come in and handle the billling, etc....

It is almost worth paying the extra night but I will want them back at home.