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17th October 2006, 08:00 PM
I've had calls for a total of 6 cavaliers in the past couple of weeks, all needing rehoming. :yikes

One of these is potentially a very fear aggressive dog that I think just needs time and an experienced owner. he has not been a wanted dog for his five years of life and everything they have said about him corresponds to fear aggression -- eg nipping out of fear, not actual temperament problems. I will have him temperament tested to verify this. He will need a sepcial home but I think this dog would come around within weeks of some correct handling and structure and I have gotten some trainer opinions on this already. Just in case someone feels able for this type of patient work and he checks out as homeable with work, PM me if you might wish to offer a home or foster and work with this dog. This is not a dog for total beginners but professional advice will be given.

I also have a lovely six year old male for a settled, quiet adult or older child home, probably as an only dog, and two, two and a half year old males needing a home together. The latter dogs are listed in the breed rescue section.

I am posting here as well, as I am in the unusual situation of having dogs but no one on my waiting list for them and I know the right homes are out there for these dogs. :)

I had another contact today on another young male (2) and probably have a home for this new fellow. He comes from an SPCA whose only calls of interest for him vanished when they found out he was neutered already. :shock: :x Puppy farming and backyard breeding is alive and well. And THAT is why I will not home an unneutered/unspayed dog except in the most exceptional circumstances to special people I know will do this as soon as the dog is able to have it done.

17th October 2006, 08:19 PM
I am shocked at the quantity of cavaliers coming into rescue in the last couple of weeks . The Cavaliers of Ireland are lucky to have you Karlin . I would love to have one of the males you have but as top dog in our house is Heidi she would be put out by having a male infringe on her position. I sincerely hope no more Cavaliers need the services of rescue , however I think that is unlikely to happen , people seem to look on dogs as disposable , when they or the kids get fed up looking after them they are abandoned , neglected or dumped somewhere. Or like the breeder earlier this year with Cara because she could no longer breed she was no use to him/her .
I have space and love to give another cavalier in our home so just call.
Why cant everyone be as kind to our precious cavaliers as the members of this forum . The world would be a much nicer place .

17th October 2006, 08:42 PM

Can I just say that if Heidi is top dog in your house then she would more than likely do well with a male rescue. The males tend to be less bossy and demanding than the females I've never had a problem with any male foster or rescue but have had with female rescues who want to assert themself as being the hierachal member of the pack.

Neutered male Cavaliers are usually extremely docile and will always back down to a female in my experience. Bit like men really... I have a hubby and two sons as well as two male dogs and I am usually an extremely calm & laid back person but if one of them pushes me too far, they all disappear :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

17th October 2006, 08:49 PM

If it wasn't for Maxx being so nervous and also that I have a new job and am now out for a good 3 hours a day I would definitely take this little nervous fella on. I'm sure that with a lot of love and care he will become a wonderful pet for someone.

However, Maxx has already had a couple of bad experiences with others snapping at him (and Charlie bullies him to an extent too :roll: ) and with his SM not being completely stable at the minute I am not really in a position to help. I really do wish that I was though.

Have you thought about ringing the rescue co ordinators for the CKCSC in the UK and asking if any of them can help? They may have someone on their lists who are very experienced with Cavaliers but don't have any at the minute and would take on a rescue. Might be worth a try.

17th October 2006, 09:17 PM
I would have loved to take the two little boys but could only strech to maybe one not two because of cost :(

I also could not take the cav who needs training as I work part-time/flexi hours and couldn't give the poor little chap the one on one time he'd need also Pippin can be a little bully with Gus sometimes although he is younger! Saying that Gus will only put up with so much :x

I hope you find homes for them soon as it is very worrying the amount of dogs that are needing to be rehomed.

19th October 2006, 04:34 PM

The SPCA boy is being homechecked... and the snappy cavalier is being temperament tested today. At the moment we do feel he simply needs an adult home that is prepared to do some behaviour work with a dog that has been very stressed for a very long time. I am not sure how he is with other dogs.

The two boys together are looking for the right home, as is the 6 year old fellow. The latter would be better as a solo dog simply becvause he is eneregtic and outgoing and might be too much for another cavalier to handle or he would need someone there much of the day to supervise interactions if there were another dog. He deserves a loving home so badly, having been more a piece of furniture or left in a garden for many years.

20th October 2006, 07:45 AM
Drat, I wish I was closer - I want another cavalier.
I'm starting to get withdrawl symptoms and a Jack Russle is just not the same. :(