View Full Version : Delays in replying to PMs

18th October 2006, 09:02 PM
Hi folks:

I've had a lot of PMs lately and also have been really busy -- so haven't had time to do personal responses but will try to catch up on the weekend.

However, just one thing I need to note: I really cannot give personal advice on breeders, as this is what the majority of private requests are for. Though I love the breed, I am not involved at all in the breeding or show world in Ireland and do not know any breeders to recommend here or in the UK. I don't even know much about Irish or UK breeders; (far less about Irish breeders), so I can't really help people who want information on Irish lines either, beyond a tiny handful -- and what I know just comes from the standard breed history books, like Sheila Smith's on CKCS.

If people are seeking names of breeders, I suggest following the route I've outlined in many posts: call the breed club secretaries, ask for breeders who cardiac (not just vet) test for MVD and be firm on this, and who do the full gamut of health clearances. If the breed club secretaries can't advise or even if they can, then use the questions listed in some of the links in the Library under finding a breeder. I wish I had a list of breeders to make finding good ones easy, but I don't! And what matters to me may not be what matters to others.

You can also always ask for people to PM your privately with suggested breeders, if they know of any, wherever in the world you might be based. Many of the UK people on this board are aware of several good breeders over there and might steer you (or Irish buyers) in the right direction.

My own list of what I'd be looking for:

1) cardiac clearances
2 MRI'd breeding stock for SM
3) hips, eyes, patellas
4) show breeder
5) commitment to the breed
6) knowledge of all health issues and willingness to discuss them openly, whatever their breeding philosophy

I hope that helps.