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18th October 2006, 09:33 PM
my hubby rang me at work in a panic yesterday as jadan had keeled over in pain while running in the park. he brought him to me at work so i could see if it was a grass seed in his paw or similar as he was too coward to do it as jadan kept wimpering at him (men, big babies! and hes a first aider at his work place!!) anyway i couldnt find anything. moved his leg about a little but didnt want to do too much. poor love just wanted to cuddle up. took him to vets as wasnt sure what was up. had to leave him there as they were in middle of ops. girls were really nice and i kept in touch during the day. they gave him a pain killer inj. and a couple of hours later he was walking around there yard. luckily didnt need xrays. and was sent home with more painkiller to take over the week. jadan has been doing fine and isnt in any pain at all, bottleof pain relief not even needed! but my bank balance has dropped . im not complaining about the service, it was first class. but i wish i new a bit more dog first aid so next time i would know if it was a vet case or just a rest up that was needed. anyway, my baby is worth it. my hubby would have to go with out the painkiller though and just get on with it!!!

18th October 2006, 10:12 PM
Poor love, give him a big kiss from me. I have to admit (sorry guys) Jadan is one of my favourites as he is so unique without the patch on his eye. Absolutely adorable !

I do know what you mean with this topic, I have had a few occasions where i've rushed off to the vet with something that has cost me big but turned out to be little. I guess as they say better safe than sorry.

I never begrudge spending warranted cash on the babies needs but sometimes your talking mega $$$$ for a 5 minute visit and advice to "just monitor"

19th October 2006, 09:58 PM
aw thanks for that. he is a real cutie. i never really noticed his one patch, maybe he should have been named differently...something piratey!!! and he is a real rascal to boot! :D havent forgotten you wanted those pics but but i havent a clue how to put pictures on and my girl says it would take her a while to sort out the sizes and she hasnt got time at the mo...plenty of time to talk to her friends tho....huh!! icon_whistling