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20th October 2006, 09:58 PM
I've noticed that Bertie seems to sneeze rather alot, especially when we go for walks.

While at the vets today, I spoke to one of the nurses who asked if he coughs at all (presumably thinking Kennel Cough) so I said once or twice but nothing persistent.

Anyway, it seems he MAY have an allergy, to GRASS of all things!

I am hoping it's just a sneeze he gets when he's excited about being out or something, imagine a dog being allergic to grass, oh my, walks will be fun over the years if he is! lol!

I personally still haven't ruled out a chill or kennel cough and will be keeping a close eye on him over the weekend. If he starts any coughing or anything, I will be off to the vets in a flash.

Meanwhile, would somebody enlighten me on all the Kennel Cough symptoms to look out for? I know sneezing and coughing are two but what about other symptoms?

Would appreciate any input on this. I do hope it's not a grass allergy! lol!


Cathy Moon
20th October 2006, 11:31 PM
When Geordie had Bordetella, he was making a wretching sound, mostly at night or early in the morning. He was approximately 5 months old when he had it.

21st October 2006, 12:12 AM
When Geordie had Bordetella, he was making a wretching sound, mostly at night or early in the morning. He was approximately 5 months old when he had it.

He's not making any wretching sounds or anything but I have noticed his right nostril is sort of runny. Am definitely going to take him to the vet tomorrow.

Has anyone ever experienced Pasteurella in dogs? I have a rabbit with it and am now worrying myself silly in case it's been passed on to Bertie. I've had pasteurella rabbits in the past with dogs and it's never been passed on, don't know if it can be or not but I sure am starting to worry.

Roll on morning when I can ring the vet to book an appointment.


21st October 2006, 01:35 AM
I can't give you any advice on the kennel cough as I've never had experience with it before, but I can, however, tell you about grass allergies.

My neighbor down the street has a golden retriever who is extremely allergic to grass, grain, bug bites.. you name it, she's allergic to it. Anyways her owners (bless them) have her on 2 allergy shots a week and she sees the vet rather often, however, I do see them on walks all the time!! Her grass allergies are a pain, but it doesn't mean that she's doomed inside of the house forever!

Keep looking up! :) :flwr:

21st October 2006, 01:12 PM
Kennel cough in a dog sounds like chronic bronchitis in a human and they usually exude thick green snot from their noses :yuk:

It really is gross, my GSD had it, bless her. She'd already had a kennel cough vacc and if she hadn't then it would have killed her :(

A grass allergy.... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm here we go..... Charlie is allergic to every darned thing :roll:

The notes from the lab back to my Vet had a hand written note on them - 'We've never seen a dog with so many allergies! Indoors, outdoors and life in general!' He's been on immuno suppressants and will soon go onto his immuno- therapy. He has to have two vials of his strongest allergies to start off and then eventually we hope he can also have vials of his other allergies - it's a darned nightmare :roll:

Ask your Vet to do a 'Heska top screen and flea' on him - this is the allergy testing and involves a few blood samples :(

Good luck :flwr: