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21st October 2006, 09:13 PM
I can't remember if it was on these boards or somewhere else but somebody was having toilet training problems with their pup and some advice was posted for them.

The advice given was to use the absolute most favourite treat their pup liked, ie: ham or chicken and whenever the dog/puppy peed outside, reward it with a piece. Also included was to ONLY use this for that purpose and that purpose alone, not to give any to the dog at any other time whatsoever. This reward was to be extra special for when he or she peed or pooped outside.

I decided to give this a go myself with Bertie and bought some cooked chicken for him. I broke some pieces up and put it all in a tub and kept it by the back door ready.

Every time Bertie peed or pooped outside, I gave him a piece right there and then.

I only started doing this last night. It seems to have worked incredibly well, so well in fact that he thinks it's a fantastic game to keep asking to go outside just to get his piece of chicken! rofl.

I have never been up and down from my seat so many times in my life, in out in out! lolol! He was doing a little pee every time we went out to start with and getting his little piece of chicken. Now however, he seems to just think he's going to get it for asking to go out just for the sake of it, great fun this new game! lolol!

Anyway, if it was somewhere on here that this tip was given, I would like to say thank you, it's been great fun today! lol! I would also like to say to whoever it was that you coulda warned that it might just work too well! lmao!

Hopefully this new method will continue to work, will be great if it does and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone else trying to teach their pup where to pee etc. Just remember not to leave the food out of the fridge too long or it will start to go off.


21st October 2006, 09:38 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed your description of your day!!

Lucky is the same way .... he loves his food soooo much. He gets a little piece of cheese when he goes outside & that is the only time he gets it. He goes out a lot now, but he's young so I'm hopeful that when his bladder has better control we can make less frequent trips. :-)

Congratulations on your very successful day of potty training!!!


22nd October 2006, 11:01 AM
yes Congratulations!!!

22nd October 2006, 07:19 PM
Not so successful today unfortunately. Bertie really seriously hates the rain, so much so that he won't set foot outside the back door no matter what I try to entice him.

I managed to get him outside twice today and rewarded him but he hates it big time.

I've got a flower pot on my patio, quite a big one and he was so desperate to stay dry that he climbed inside it and stayed there til he knew he could come in! lol!