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22nd October 2006, 03:51 PM
Is 3x/day enough to feed a 3-6 month old puppy? Also, we haven't been measuring the food. Should we start? My parents have been feeding Merlin about 5x/day and he eats a LOT, but he's growing and doing well. I thought 3 specific feedings might be better for housetraining and routine, although he is pretty housetrained already (never out of sight and seems to "know" to go outside or on puppy pads).

23rd October 2006, 01:41 AM
I feed Bertie 3 times a day. He has breakfast, a smaller lunch which I often actually give him at the end of our lunchtime walk while we are still out, helps bring him back to me if he's distracted and he has a normal sized evening meal.

He's on James Wellbeloved Puppy, breakfast is about a handful plus a bit, lunch is about half a handful and dinner is again about a handful and a bit. His treats between meals are bits of the James Wellbeloved, hence the smaller lunch, the occasional half a dog biscuit (the tiny bone shaped ones, not the gravy bones, really tiny ones), plus he now gets his piece of chicken when he goes toilet outside.

He doesn't get any human food except if I buy a pizza slice when we are out and I give him a few pieces of the ham from it as an extra special treat.

Other than that, he has nothing else. I think what I am giving him is sufficient without being too much, he's always ready to take a treat, never so full that he turns his nose up, though at 15 weeks, he would probably eat til he threw it up again! lol!

Hope this helps.


Cathy Moon
23rd October 2006, 02:01 AM
I'm looking in Sheila Smith's Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Today, and she says:
Under 4 months - at least 4 small meals spaced at regular intervals during the day
4-6 months - 3 meals a day

Barbara Nixon
23rd October 2006, 07:55 PM
I had Izzy, Joly and Teddy at 9 weeks and they were on four meals a day. However, within days, both Izzy and Joly lost interest in the last meal of the day, so the vet advised giving them the three meals they were wanting, but to increase the meal size, so the total amount per day was the same. Teddy, the hairy hoover, didn't lose interest and would have eaten four adult sized meals if he'd been offered them.