View Full Version : snipped, then pooping! is it a coincidence?

22nd October 2006, 08:00 PM
i know i said things were going well with jadan after he had his snip, but :? well...is it a coincidence that since his snip he has been having accidents in the kitchen on a morning? he has slept here since we first brought him home. we didnt have a problem from 4half months right up till he had his snip at 7 months and now even though he is on the same food and routine we come downstairs and find he has pooped on the kitchen floor. he has his last feed at 530 or 6pm and goes out around 7or 8pm and does his buisness as he always did and even let him out at 11ish for last wees/poos and like i said this was routine since he was 4months or so. but every now and again we find he has been on the floor before we get downstairs at 6ish. we still take him out first thing and praise him for poop/piddle outside. even when we walk him we tell him this as a reminder of him being a good boy so why now after his snip is he not holding on any more? :?

Cathy Moon
22nd October 2006, 08:12 PM
Angie, how long has it been since his surgery?

23rd October 2006, 03:26 AM
I think it is a coincidence and for whatever reason he's started going sometimes inside. He is still pretty young and I'd guess he just has too much freedom in the kitchen alone. You may need to crate or X-pen him as the kitchen sounds too much room for him and every poop he does overnight inside is one large step backwards in house training. It will just imprint further as an OK place to do late night poops.

Also I'd walk him last thing before bedtime so that he actually does a poop and you know he's done one. That should help a lot. Most dogs wouldn;t really need to go during the night once they get beyond a couple months old.

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23rd October 2006, 06:50 PM
he had the snip about two weeks ago. we do let him out last thing at night and my hubby has even taken him for a walk for half hour sometimes but nothing happens. its not his usual poo though, its always runny where as his day ones are hard. thats what makes me think he cant hold it in, and its not every night, maybe two or three a week inthe the last couple weeks. though never know which night its going to be. although he prob does get more treats some days than others. maybe there is a patern there. he has a very delicate tum, and he has def been eating his daily amount where as before he had the snip he would prob only have the equivalent of half his daily amount all day. im worried because when he was a pup we did crate him but he had a couple of accidents in there too and i know that they dont normally do this. so we let him out of the crate as at least then he wasnt soiling his sleep area. and he was fine with this as i said for a good 5 months without any mishap. its only a small kitchen, about 7 by 6. and he was doing fine up till his snip. then he had the runs with the chicken and rice i was told to give him so had to starve him. but it was during this time that he obviously couldnt hold it all night and started soiling. now as you said he has started a pattern. do you think i should just feed him once in the morning till he has settled back into routine. we can leave him while we are at work for a good five hours and he waits till we get home to let him out then. like i said these are hard, where as the night tiome ones arent. :? do you think he is just being overfed now that he is eating properly. i do only give what he is supposed toi have, and include treats in this, but he never used to eat that much before.

on the avatar thing. i will get my daughter on it asap. ;)

Cathy Moon
24th October 2006, 01:06 AM
What are you feeding him for treats? Maybe he is sensitive to them?

24th October 2006, 07:47 PM
he has jwb rice crackers or, jwb snackajacks. only half. carrots are his favorite, then only one slither. red apple not green! anything i can find that has wheat gluten free on! obviously not all in one day. he has breakfast and tea so i give him a small treat at lunch, but then not everyday as i work 3days and he has nothing then till tea. if training he gets one at the end of the session. ;) he did it again last night and i had walked him for half hour at 7 (nothing)then my hubby took him out again for twenty mins at 10.30(nothing) so then i went out again at 11 for twenty mins (he was walking in his sleep, but nothing!) hubby came down at 5am to go to work and there was the supprise. runny! :?

24th October 2006, 08:23 PM
Hi Angie,

have you been marking his behavior outside with lavish treats and praise when he goes poop? Also, it really helped us to assign a command to the deed. When Kosmo went poo poo I would repeat it MANY times while he was in the act "Good boy.. good poo poo... good poo poo" so he associated the word poo poo with going. Now when we are out for a walk I can say "go poo poo" and it might take him a minute or two, but he will understand what i mean and go!! I don't know about everybody else on here, but Kosmo is now 9 months old and he still gets big hugs and praises for going to the bathroom outside. I never forget to at least say "good boy!" because I don't want him to forget that going outside makes me happy.

How old is he now?

28th October 2006, 09:21 AM
hello all. jadan has only had a few accidents in the last week. we do have words for his piddles and poops. in fact the other night bless him, i had him outside for half an hour after his walk as he hadnt been for poops on his hour walk! and kept telling him every ten minutes to go poop. he kept whinning and patting at the door as i had taught him to do to get us to open the door for him to go in and out, but i kept ignoring him and telling him "go poop outside jadan". he would walk round the back of his tunnel and wine and come back and start again. anyway i gave up and thought that he just didnt need to go. no accident that night so great. but........well lets just say we are installing an outside light!!! poor jadan was trying to SHOW me that he had already done a poop outside the night before every time he went behind his tunnel and whined. it just wasnt his usual place to go and ws dark so i never even thought to look!!! how bad did i feel. :( i had kept him from his bed and he had already done it!

it seems that his routine has just disapeared. i could almost set the time on him before as he was so good. now its not so clear cut at all. he used to go every couple hours after eating. now its a mix of fifteen minutes to three or four hours or more. he is on the same food and i have had to ban treats till it is sorted out. except when he does the buisness of course. and i have asked my hubby to step up more on his praising as he would just open the door and let him out!!! i was furious when i found this out as we would take turns each week on the morning shift. i discovered that while he would make the school sandwiches he would just let him out on his own!!! so all the hard work i had put in the week before would go up in smoke :x he was not in my goodbooks!!! had to explain to him that he was still a pup and while he was doing vwery well the bad tum he had after the snip had set him back and he wasnt helping at all by not enforcing his good behaviour and rewarding him for going outside. he would even treat when jadan had come back inside. a classic mistake. it seems my hubby should be trained!!!! anyway. besides all that, jadan still needs to get back into routine. so will keep you posted. :flwr:

Cathy Moon
28th October 2006, 12:53 PM
I'm wondering if Jadan needs to be checked for worms, coccidia, etc. When my dogs were Jadan's age, we were having all sorts of problems like that. It seems by age 12-18 months all that settles down.

28th October 2006, 05:39 PM
omg do you really think so!? i hadnt given that a thought. he is wormed every three months and is due in november and is on stronghold every month which has a wormer in it. didnt think there was anything else i could do. what would i look out for? he does scrounge alot when we are out but i just put that down to puppy behaviour. i have to watch everything he puts in his mouth. his stools are back to normal now as he isnt being given many treats in between meals. i was hoping he had maybe just out grown his old routine as he had got older and was starting a new one, but hadnt quite got it yet. i dont know....like maybe he could hold on for longer and i was taking him on his walk too soon after eating, and he is eating more! and he wasnt able to go when we take him and so held on as long as he could overnight but didnt make it! icon_whistling am i kidding myself!!! i dont know. all i know is that we didnt have this problem before he was snipped!! :?
how long after eating do you take your ones out?

28th October 2006, 05:47 PM
urgh! just read up on coccidia! sounds very yukky! jadans stools have gone normal again so hopefully can rule that out the mo....touch wood! we live right on a park though so wouldnt supprise me if he was picking something up as sooo many dogs use it and he will sniff!!! :sl*p: