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25th October 2006, 06:41 PM
Lucky is having bloody poo today which has me worried :yikes

We have a vet appointment for tonight, but when I scheduled the appointment they said it might just be collitis or some kind of obstruction. A friend of mine with a stick eating Vizsla apparently has had this problem as well and her vet said if it is bright blood it is typically a blockage that will pass.

I try to keep Lucky's nose off the ground and away from leaves, etc., while walking. I think I've been pretty successful at that but want to be sure that he's not getting blockages from any chew toys. I'll ask the vet, but thought I'd see what all you have to say as well.

What toys do your dogs like that are "Indestructable" - meaning they don't swallow any pieces of them?

I want to ensure that it is not any of Lucky's chew toys that are contributing to his tummy troubles.

Thanks in advance and I'm really intersted in what you suggest. :-)

25th October 2006, 06:49 PM
Wow, it sounds like Lucky and Kingston are quite similar! I absolutely cannot keep Kingston from picking things up off the ground (which probably is the cause of his diarrhea right now). Toys are also a major problem. He will destroy a soft toy in a matter of minutes. I don't even want to know how much money I've wasted on destroyed toys! What works best for him seems to be rubber toys, original nylabones, an old sock with a knot in the middle, and that's about it. Recently I bought him a toy at Petsmart that he absolutely loves. It's a little man-shaped fleece toy with no stuffing and a squeaker in the middle. It's lasted a week without damage. Kingston loves it because it's soft and I love it because there's no stuffing he can pull out. He did manage to rip a seam on one side so I'm taking out the squeaker. I also bought him a set of puppy keys that are designed for chewing, but he bit one in half the first night. Good luck!

25th October 2006, 07:32 PM
The Wubba's that Karlin suggested are holding up very well (See Shopaholics) Also Kongs are good and we bought the boys racquet balls which they love because they are sooo bouncy.. Duncan holds one in his mouth and plays soccor with the other. The AirKong tennis ball material covered toys are good also

Good luck...having a destructive chewer is no fun sometimes...just ask my tennis shoes :x , favorite sweater :sl*p: , sexiest undies icon_whistling , etc....the list goes on.

Barbara Nixon
25th October 2006, 08:41 PM
I wonder whether the people who design some dog toys actually have contact with dogs. So many squeaky toys have ears, eyes, noses or tails that are so easy to nibble off, even for a puppy. Some of the squeakies are far too soft, too. ( I remember hearing a lady settle her bill at our vet's, who said it was an expensive cheap toy-The Yorkie had swallowed a piece of a very soft squeaky and needed an op). I don't like those soft toys with round bulgy eyes, either.

I wouldn't buy special puppy toys, even for a puppy, because theyb are far too fragile. I don't think the manufacturers realise the damage those needle teeth can cause.

I bought one of these (medium size £4.99) from Pets at Home, to distract Teddy from his scratching. It is easy to clean, very strong, rolls as they lick and can be adjusted to give as many or few treats as you like. I also got a can of the Kong Stuffer. It's expensive, but lasts for ages and I now find, it helps clean the teeth , too.

http://www.cooldogtoys.com/twistntreat.php (Top item)

26th October 2006, 02:07 AM
Thanks for the suggestions!! It is so worrisome whenever I see anything in his mouth. I thought of getting a kong and stuffing it with food since he loves food so much - but he's got this sensitive tummy issue so is on a restrictive diet. :sl*p:

Any suggestions of good rawhide alternatives that are easily digestible would be appreciated too. Everyone seems to like Bully Sticks (despite where they originate!!). Are Bully Sticks more easy to digest?

Keep the suggestions coming ... they are ALL appreciated. :-)

On a related topic - here's the Lucky vet update ...

Lucky went to the vet tonight. They just adore him there. I think they give him stuff to make him sick just so he'll come back ;-) Not really of course, but he's becoming too much of a regular. They are sending a stool sample out again to check for Parasites again. They check in the office under a microscope, but apparently sometimes they can catch more at the lab. So, I don't know to hope that they find something or they don't ... it'd be nice to know what's causing it and seeing a bunch of blood in his poo is pretty scary. :yikes

26th October 2006, 12:02 PM
Hope you get some answers soon Lani so that Lucky can stay well.
Julie and the girls

26th October 2006, 02:06 PM
I wouldn't recomend raw hide AT ALL. Both of my cavaliers get bloody stool after eating it and I can't figure out why. When I take it away, they are fine. I would be wary especially if he has a sensitive tummy.

I went to that "helping udders" website (see shop-o-holics) and I I bought several items from there: (tennis ball with a tail, treat-stick and the udder tug).

My boys love hooves (I think they are goat or sheep??) and they are virtually indestructable. Wesley has had the same one since I got him. The hooves were originally stuffed with something...but he finished that off within the first day. The boys also love Nylabones (there are bacon and ham/cheese flavors).

My shih tzu looooooves soft latex toys that sqeak. I think it makes him feel tough and powerful (he is all of 6 pounds). I just have to be careful because there are some that are more on the plastic-side that my cavies destroy and eat.

Barbara Nixon
26th October 2006, 02:17 PM
Dogs don't digest rawhide, as you can see in the stools if you feed the coloured sort. I would go for one of the 'flying saucer' shapes instead of a kong (easier to keep clean and you can put your dog's dinner in there and adjust the openings so it lasts longer. )

Big Monty has ocassionaly choked on soggy rawhide, so the only ones mine get are munchsticks (Uk made only because of poisons from some countries) and minty sticks made of chopped hide mixed with cereal.