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25th October 2006, 07:01 PM
I don't think I have ever seen Forest post a picture of her beautiful girls Sophie & Lottie. I bugged her to send me some pictures so I could see them and thought it would be nice for everyone to see what a lovely pair of girls they are.

Forest: Julie I don't know who is who, but they are very sweet.

Did you say something Mom :D


I am coming Mom, not like my sister I listen right away.

Hmmmmmmmmmm these smell really pretty.


Oh finally you come, mom has been calling you forever. :D :D :D

25th October 2006, 07:44 PM
Oh, I have pics of Julie's lovely girls!! Julie put me up in her home in Sydney, Australia when I went to visit this summer! It was a wonderful trip and so great to meet Julie and her entire family! I still keep in touch with her son who was kind enough to drive me all around Sydney and play tourist with me! :D

Hopefully she won't mind me posting a pic of her!

Lottie in front, Sophie in back (Sophie is a real mama's girl!)

Sweet Sophie:


Lottie left, Sophie right:

And Sophie again (I loved her because I thought she looked like Rory!):

25th October 2006, 08:02 PM

Thank you so much sweetheart, you can see them much better in your pictures. I am sure Julie won't mind at all, she is a absolutely wonderful person. :D :D :D

You look great Julie, you have a lovely smile.

Thanks again Kendall, Sophie does look a bit like Rory. :D :D :D

Cathy T
26th October 2006, 02:52 AM
Those were wonderful!! I just adore Sophie & Lottie!! They are both very close in age to Jake and Shelby. We're kind of kindred spirits! :lol:

Kendall - I had completely forgotten that you met Julie in Ausutralia.

Isn't this board wonderful for connections?! I think of all of the people I've met between the two board...and I have enjoyed every single one of them. Now....when are you coming back down to SD?!! Our yard is finished and Jake and Shelby would love to see Mr. Rory again!

26th October 2006, 02:07 PM
Thanks Linda and Kendall for showing my beautiful girls. I think that they are gorgeous. I agree with Kendall that Sophie does seem to look a bit like the gorgeous Rory :D .
Thanks Cathy, our babies are kindred spirits across the sea :D
Julie and the girls

26th October 2006, 02:51 PM

Your picture is so cute!! :) You are so cute.. !! Adorable! :)

Your girls are sooo happy!! :) I love them. So glad sophie is on the mend and seems to be feeling better. I think I am a little jealous that Rory got to come and visit you!! :lol:

Thanks for the pictures, we all need our sophie/lottie fixes sometimes.. it doesn't seem like we see enough from you! hehe :)

26th October 2006, 03:09 PM
Sophie reminds me so much of Duncan....I swear my Dunc was born with such an old soul and his eyes just go on for days.

Sophie looks like she has a similar expression. I love my ruby boy but two blenhiems together...I love it...

How can you tell them a part with their backs to you? I can hear it when they get into trouble...."Sophie, I mean Lottie, I mean Sophie..."

THanks for the pics!!!

1st November 2006, 01:50 PM
Awww, they are all lovely :D

2nd November 2006, 06:47 AM
aww they are both such lovely girls!! i dont think i have only seen the one pic of them - in Julie's avatar' - they are both beautiful!

Thanks for posting the pics :flwr: