View Full Version : Using 'Cavalier' to attract offers?

26th October 2006, 07:38 PM
Just had a look at one of the American pet adoption sites. It says it has 70 matched for Cavaliers, but a number are mixes (which is fine)- but some have no obvious Cav blood! There's one dog that looks like a collie/GSD style cross; another that claims to be a Boxer/Cav crossbreed. Um, how? Just thinking of the mechanics involved in producing that particular combination makes me want to howl. I know Cavaliers are rather sought after in the US; is it possible that the site/agency in question is using 'Cavalier' as a bait? Not I suppose that it matters in the long run so long as the dogs get a home..

ROFL. Now I've heard it all. A 'dalmation/CKCS mix' that looks more like a dingo type dog!! This is hilarious. Only it's not supposed to be. Two that really caught my attention- an ADORABLE Yorkie/Cav cross, and a gorgeous little ruby Cav/Cocker mix.

..Ah, there's an explanation. Their software doesn't support generic descriptors, so they have to use breeds. Maybe that explains some of the more ... inventive... entries.

26th October 2006, 07:52 PM
Some people have even been honest and said they decided to list their dog with the "cavalier" name because they are much sought after. They said at least the entry had been looked at.