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29th October 2006, 01:55 AM
Tomorrow I’m going to be going over to my boyfriends parents house for dinner and I plan on taking Brady. The only problem is that one of their dogs has giardia (not sure on the spelling of that) and he’s had it since maybe the beginning of September I think. I have taken Brady over there while he still had it. He’s on meds for it and they pick up his poo and wipe his but right away. I was just wondering if it’s safe to bring my Brady. I also had a problem with coccidia with Brady. He had it for about 2 months and it finally went away (last test was negative, I should probably do another to make sure) I just don’t want to be putting my Brady in a situation where he could get sick, but I don’t really want to leave him at home because I’d like him to be able to play with their dogs (they has two other dogs that are also on the medication, but I don’t think they have giardia)
Thanks everyone.

Barbara Nixon
29th October 2006, 09:57 AM
I would not put my dog at risk for thew sake of a play session. Never, having heard of it, I looked it up on the net and found an interesting site mentioning an outbreak at a Guidedogs for the Blind centre.

The cyst cells are expelled in the faeces and can stay active for months. Just wiping a dog's backside will not remove any cysts caught up in its coat and cleaning up poo could leave cysts on the ground, especially in grass. Also,the other dogs could be carriers, even if they have no symptoms.

The solution given on the website was medical traatment and isolation of the dogs infected, together with the use of special disinfectants. this may need to go on for several weeks.

It seems that infection is a real possibility, while the dog is still suffering and even for a while afterwards. It appears that not only your dog, but you, too, could get infected.

29th October 2006, 01:59 PM
There's lots of info on Giardiasis here ...


No way would I be taking my dog there :( . The other dogs in the family are probably taking antibiotics as a precautionary measure - a bit like if a child got meningitis, they would automatically give antibiotics to the rest of the family.