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30th October 2006, 12:20 PM
Billy and I were thinking of heading off for a couple of nights as I'm on mid-term. :drivecar: As we prefer country-type breaks to city-type, we thought we'd like to bring Tandie with us. Obviously she's the type of dog that needs to be on leash at all times at the moment, but we think we'd have a ball. :dogwlk:

The ISPCA has a list of pet-friendly accommodations, so I just have 2 questions for everyone...
Has anybody every used pet friendly accommodation in Ireland? Recommendations?


Any tips for bringing your dog on holidays? Eating out mid-day in cafés? Is it safe to leave the dog in the car for an hour or so at a time (if we wanted to eat in somewhere for example)?

30th October 2006, 01:11 PM
The ISPCA basically lifted this content directly from the www.irishanimals.ie website, which is pretty obnoxious as they never asked permission. Indeed they have lifted a range of content from the IA site and others without asking permission over the past couple of years. I'd go check the original listings on irishanimals because there, some people have given personal recommendations and also, the listings are more extensive and actually are maintained by someone who isn;t just copying other website's content. :x

Be sure to call in advance as sometimes places change their policies -- this happened to me when I tried to book a hotel in the Uk that suppsedly allowed dogs. :|

30th October 2006, 01:20 PM
Thanks Karlin. I'm familiar with the Irishanimals website and I'm surprised I didn't see it there first! (ISPCA was what came up in google). I see irishanimals now has the information copywrited so hopefully it'll prevent anyone else from stealing it :roll:

30th October 2006, 01:22 PM
Copyright automatically applies anyway (as it does here) but due to incursions on content there, it was felt it made sense to say it *explicitly*... 8)

Cathy T
30th October 2006, 03:14 PM
Cecily, I just love how you've embraced Tandie. You're both so lucky to have found each other!!

We are planning a trip next month to our local mountains. The pups go everywhere with us. We rent pet-friendly cabins and do most of our cooking at the cabin, or hubby goes for take-out. We have never left them, crated or un-crated, in a cabin by themselves. I am planning on bringing my stroller so we can go into more places that we usually go in. We just love our trips with the pups!!

brid kenny
30th October 2006, 05:39 PM
I was in Leenane Hotel in Galway and I met a man there who had his golden retriever with him in the pub part and he was allowed to keep her at night in the bedroom.

30th October 2006, 05:50 PM
Holiday Inn in Edinburgh let us have Holly with us, and even leave her in the room (crated) so short periods. I don't know if it's a company policy, and obviously if you want a country break it's not applicable. What I've found is that B&Bs are more likely to be dog-friendly than proper hotels or big chains.

30th October 2006, 06:54 PM
The ibis hotel excepts dogs, also the novotel, i think they are part of the same group, accor ;)

30th October 2006, 07:43 PM
Holiday Express accepts dogs too

30th October 2006, 11:17 PM
H'mm. Maybe I meant Holiday Express. :D

31st October 2006, 10:01 AM
Thanks everyone. I think we'll book one of the B&B / Guesthouses in Galway off irishanimals.com. Several of them have large gardens and are in country areas (but also near Galway city & Salthill which I love). We'll be sure to let you know how we get on :drivecar: