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31st October 2006, 12:25 PM
As I had guessed would be the case, this fellow, who was listed on Petfinder, does need an MRI and probably surgery. I personally feel this dog would be better brought into breed club rescue because his aftercare will be very involved over many months and will be pretty daunting for anyone not familiar with SM. It would be great if some arrangement might be made to transfer him over eventually, as I do not think they really know what they are getting into. Several of you here do, of course -- this is generally a long recovery.

(Update: he is with a breed club member now).

This is a very generous effort this small rescue is making on behalf of a dog that was abandoned by its owners when it was found it had SM and people might wish to help support in whatever way possible, *small* is as valued as large as lots of small donations significantly chip away at a large bill.

Hi Folks.

I have tried to include all the folks that have contacted me regarding Charlie.
I have been inundated with all sorts of phone calls and e-mails regarding Charlie.
Thank you to those of you that kindly showed interest and offered suggestions.

Today I took him to see Dr. Veronique Sammut. She is at the California Animal Hospital and a neurologist that is on the list in the website below. She is great and very knowledgeable on syringomyelia, the neurological disorder that Charlie has. Tomorrow, we have scheduled the MRI. Dr. Sammut is fairly certain that Charlie will also need surgery as he currently is on a "cocktail" of the drugs used to treat this disease. The drugs are keeping it "in-check" but after meeting with Dr. Sammut today, we are fairly certain that surgery may be the best option. I have attached a link about SM, syringomyelia at the bottom of this e-mail if you'd like to read more about this unfortunate disorder.

Charlie is as cute as a button, alert, puppy-like, funny, endearing, can walk on a leash, etc (making it hard to tell anything is wrong with him). We took him to an adoption day on Sunday. He was quite the hit! But, when we told people about his condition, the cost of his MRI and his surgery, they all felt bad as they could not handle dealing with all of that.

So, we have scheduled the MRI for tomorrow and Dr. Sammut is fairly certain he will need surgery.

What can you do to help? Donate.

The cost off the MRI is quite expensive.
His surgery will be even more expensive.
We are expecting to spend several thousand dollars on Charlie....(Thank goodness for credit cards!)

If you would like to donate, you can do it one of two ways.

1. You can respond to this e-mail and I will give you an address of where to mail a donation. The check would be made out to Molly's Mutts & Meows and in the memo portion you would write "For Charlie's MRI." We can provide you with a receipt as we are a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue in Los Angeles and your donation is 100% tax-deductible Feel free to click on my blog site below to get a feel for who we are. You can also see Charlie in one of the crates at our booth where we participated in an adoption yesterday at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Our tent was right next to the Pasadena Humane Society...Charlie had a ball!

2. You can call the California Animal Hospital, located at 1736 South Sepulveda Blvd, Suite B, LA, CA 90025, (310) 479-3336. If you call tomorrow, you can let them know you would like to help pay for Charlie's MRI as he is scheduled to have it on Tuesday, October 31st through their offices. I am sure they could take a payment and apply it to Charlie's bill. It would not be tax-deductible this way, but some of you may feel more comfortable helping this way.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this plea.
I know from being involved in rescue that we all get hundreds of e-mails a day about dogs and cats in need, on death row at the shelters, etc. Charlie was dumped by his owner because of this condition. I'm hoping we can make a difference for this guy and eventually, find him the right home who is prepared to deal, monitor and treat his SM.

Please continue to make ADOPTION your first option when choosing a pet.

My best to all of you.

Cathy T
31st October 2006, 03:13 PM
Thanks for letting us know about this Karlin. I will call the hospital today to make a donation towards his care.

31st October 2006, 09:47 PM
I just rang and the hospital won;t take direct donations -- these need to go by cheque to Molly's rescue.

31st October 2006, 10:29 PM
Karlin- do you have a website or address for Molly's rescue? I'd like to send a check this week.

Cathy T
1st November 2006, 12:09 AM
I called this morning and they faxed me a sheet to fill out with my credit card info. There is a place you can mark to make a one time payment. Maybe they've gotten lots of calls today and have changed their arrangement.

1st November 2006, 12:12 AM
Yes I do -- sorry it was way at the bottom of her email and I accidentally left it off. First -- this is Charlie, hoping you'll help him out :) :



Molly Wootton
Molly's Mutts and Meows
tel: 310-837-MUTT

1st November 2006, 12:15 AM
awww what a doll!! I wanna take him home!!! :lotsaluv:

This story is just so sad. :( It really hits an emotional chord with me because I can relate to both sides. :(

1st November 2006, 03:47 PM
He is really a cute and apparently very lively and happy dog and I think if he has the surgery at this point he would be a very good candidate for it -- he doesn't have a lot of existing damage and is young and otherwise healthy. I'd take him on to home him if I were there. :)

2nd November 2006, 02:25 AM
I'm definitely going to make a donation. It's nice to know where your donated money goes for once too. I hope he gets all the love he can!

2nd November 2006, 02:50 AM
Wish we could but with a new house our hands are full and our bank account has a wind current through it :(

2nd November 2006, 06:34 AM
he's sweet looking. I bet with his personality, once his surgery is successful, she will find a home for him. i sure hope so.

i emailed Molly to get the address to send a check. She said she owns two cavaliers of her own (rescues), along with three other dogs and some other animals.

2nd November 2006, 06:48 AM

how can U.K folk make a donation?

Alison, Wilts, U.K.

2nd November 2006, 01:25 PM
You could get a banker's draft in US dollars made out to the name of her rescue. All banks will do drafts -- they usually cost a couple of euro. For the recipient, they are just like cheques and are in the home currency. Usually you go to the foreign exchange window to have them done.

2nd November 2006, 02:30 PM

Charlie had his MRI at California Animal Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Sammut. I really like and respect Dr. Sammut a lot. She has been incredibly helpful, kind and easy for to work with...as a rescue group, there is nothing more that we can ask for in a vet! Since so many of the breeders and "Cavalier Peeps" have e-mailed me (to date, I have had 640 "petfinder viewings" of Charlie, compared to our other animals that average about 50-60 views), I am sharing the findings with all of you, per Dr. Sammut's report, VERBATIM:

"The syringomyelia is minimal. However, Charlie does have signs of a COMS which may lead to more fluid accumulation in the spinal cord and worsening of the syrinx. Because the medical treatment does not seem to help Charlie's clinical signs (he is on prednisone and Neurontin) and because it would be very difficult for him to find a home with these episodes, I feel surgical correction of the COMS should be attempted in order to try to improve his gait and hopefully lesson the episodes. The success rate of surgery is around 80%. However, some dogs will require a second surgery because of scar tissue formation."

So - Charlie is having surgery next week, most likely Wednesday if it works with the doctor's schedule.

This surgery is costing us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Dr. Sammut has been kind enough to give us a significant discount, but it is still very costly. Dr. Sammut has also asked that if people want to donate - to donate directly to Molly's Mutts & Meows. Their staff is too busy to run nominal credit card donations for such a large overall cost. She said she has been asking people to call me directly and donate to Charlie that way. If you would like to donate to Charlie's surgery, we would love this. You can respond to this e-mail, or you can call us at 310-837-6888 if you would like to donate. We will send you the address to mail a tax-deductible donation. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

I have also had the good fortune of finding a lovely woman in Santa Barbara who, like me, also has rescued Cavaliers and has extensive knowledge of all the various medical conditions this breed can have. She is going to foster Charlie and work with me on caring for him through this process. We think that he will be able to be adopted in a couple of weeks. However, we must let everyone know that this is a medical condition that will make Charlie a "special needs" dog and they will have to monitor and care for it the rest of his life.

5th November 2006, 06:04 PM
The regional breed clubs are now helping with this dog and he will be going to a breed club member for foster. There are a number of initiatives under way! :)

Molly has paid for the MRI from her own pocket so it would be kind to help her with this cost. :) Without the MRI he would not have any options -- because he has had one, people now know what the options are and a plan can be made to proceed.

I will update when I hear what will be happening regarding his surgery as I am sure donations may be sought towards that. I don't know yet who will be managing the surgery or the donations -- it may move to the breed club.

If I lived in the region I'd sure be applying to home this dog as well. A beuatiful young boy with lots of possibility ahead. :flwr:

If people wish to discuss Charlie, feel free to open a separate thread. I will keep this one locked so that I can add information and keep the focus directly relevant to his progress and appeals for support. :thmbsup:

8th December 2006, 04:59 PM
Latest update and pic. Donations badly needed!

Hi Guys.

Just wanted to give you an update on Charlie.
We are taking him in to have a spinal tap on Monday, December 11th.
We were planning on using this date for his surgery.
After consulting with another vet neurologist, Dr. Gregg Kortz up in Sacramento for a second opinion, he could not comfortably give his benediction for surgery without seeing the results of a a spinal tap.
If this spinal tap indicates the neurological problems that Dr. Kortz needs to see, then the surgery will either be conducted here in Southern California or up with Dr. Kortz in his Sacramento office.
We are lucky to have such amazing vets here in California (love that UC Davis!).

I know many of you were nice enough to donate to Charlie's MRI.
If you are feeling the holiday love, and you want to donate to his spinal tap costs and continued care (i.e. the surgery that will most likely follow), we could sure use the help.
Little Charlie is the $6 million dollar dog! : )
But how could you not donate to that face? I just snapped this photo yesterday as he is here now.

Molly's Mutts & Meows takes donations right here: https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=13465
We have partnered with Groundspring.org that only works with qualified 501c3 non-profit organizations.
They are very different then PayPal as they don't work with any corporation that is for profit.
Your transactions are safe and secure and your identity will be protected.