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3rd November 2006, 01:04 AM
So it seems that mommy went a bit overboard this pay period with toys for my boys. I went to www.helpingudders.com and went a little crazy. The toys came in today and it was like Christmas!! My dogs are in love with the udder tug, tennis tails and treat stick. It was a halarious at my house today!!! Wesley went amuck for the udder tug, I've never seen such a reaction in him regarding a toy. Cody nabbed the tennis tail and refused to let go!! He carried it with him everywhere and didn't even put it down to poop :lol: Seriously, I about died. It looks just like a squirrel tail, which drove my dogs nuts. Below are some pictures of the udder tug fun:

Wesley does not fetch, he takes the toy and runs and hides it so no one else can get it. But today, he brought it back because he was having so much fun!



Happy Boy!!

Cody and his precious tennis tail. I could barely get near him with the camera because he thought I was going to take it from him! Something this much fun must be wrong!!



He wouldn't let it out of his sight, even when he ate:

Needless to say these toys are HIGHLY recomended with Wesley and Cody's seal of approval. Wesley destroyed the rope of the tug, but is still madly in love with the rubber piece. I also love that some of the profit goes to the rescue of your choice. Thanks Karlin for posting the link!! We have a new favorite site!

Cathy T
3rd November 2006, 01:28 AM
So glad they love their toys so much. That's too funny that he put his toy by his food bowl...gotta make sure no one gets it. Your picture of Wesley smiling is adorable!!

5th November 2006, 04:09 PM
I love Wesley's smiley happy face. That's one pleased little boy :D :flwr: