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4th November 2006, 09:19 PM
Does anyone else have a dog who is terrified of them? It really is firework season where I live and poor Charlie hates them :(

We've tried everything from giving him somewhere dark and quiet to lie to DAP diffusers to Rescue Remedy to Pizzle sticks (thought it might take his concentration elsewhere :lol: ).

I'm not pandering to him at all and most certainly not telling him he's a poor boy or anything. The only reaction he got from me was 'Quiet!' as I pulled the curtains.

He's now been barking for 5 hours on and off and if he doesn't stop soon he's going to lose his voice :roll:

Hubby has now gone to bed so if he doesn't shut up soon he's going to be in Daddy's bad books :roll:

Maxx doesn't like them but just jumps on the sofa and goes all wide eyed everytime one goes off. Charlie tried snuggling into him but he moved away with a huff :lol:

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh darned fireworks!

Any other suggestions gratefully taken on board!

Claire L
4th November 2006, 09:37 PM
Poor Charlie :hug: that's terrible. Rudee was terrified and used to hide in the downstairs loo. I used to pull the curtains turn on all the lights and turn up Lyric FM on the radio. But you can't do that all night either :lpy:

Our vet recommended Metacalm but I only ever used it once as I felt it made her too dopey and I didn't like that. I know others that have used it and were happy enough.

It's a pity you can't get him a doggie mp3 player :lol: only joking..
It's so hard to watch them when they're in this state. Hopefully it will all end soon.


4th November 2006, 09:52 PM
Poor thing, They're not bothering my Charlie at all, and it's his first fireworks night!!! i'm quite surprised really as I thought it would, he's such a delicate thing, although he's not been himself tonight icon_whistling (my other thread - unprovoked attack)

Cathy Moon
4th November 2006, 10:01 PM
Donna, I used to have a little maltese mix who hated fireworks like Charlie. I had to get a prescription for her every July during fireworks season. It was almost a blessing when she lost her hearing in her old age.

Geordie and India got freaked out as puppies when the next door neighbor kids were throwing fire crackers over the fence when we were away for a few hours (the dogs were inside the house, but very upset.) That very same evening, I took out our best treats and we walked the pups on their leads in the backyard, feeding them treats and acting happy during the big fireworks display in the distance. Since then fireworks don't phase them at all!

Barbara Nixon
4th November 2006, 10:10 PM
I've never had a dog frightened by fireworks. This lot are quite unmoved; the only reaction being Joly barking at a bang which sounded as though it was outside the front door.

4th November 2006, 10:39 PM
Spencer is terrified and he hides everytime he hears them. Izzy just gets mad and stands at the windows and barks and tries to fight them! :lol: My little guard dog :x

5th November 2006, 02:05 PM
My too are fine - last year Merlin even came outside to watch the fireworks with us! :D

I know how you are feeling though. Clover, one of my mums goldens (now at the bridge) used to sit and shake constantly. We gave her scullcap and valerian to calm her - as she got older we had to give her more.

5th November 2006, 02:31 PM
Thanks all for your replies.

Claire, maybe I'll write to Sony..... :lol:

Cathy, I've tried taking him out with treats and playing with him but he'll just stop dead and panic and bark :roll:

Kirsty, I'll get some skullcap and valerian tomorrow and see if that works - nothing else has :? It'll send him to sleep if nothing else :lol:

Cathy Moon
5th November 2006, 03:57 PM
:lol: Please let us know what Sony's response is... :lol:

5th November 2006, 05:23 PM
when I had my old cavalier, I took him out one afternoon around 3-4pm and he heard a firework go off in the woods.

He refused to walk up that road for months and months after that happened!!!

6th November 2006, 01:25 PM
jadan was in the middle of his poop when there was a load boom! :shock: :shock: :shock: poor thing...he did literally poop! he barked at it for a bit so i brought him indoors. it came out of the blue as there had been a lul in them going off and there wasnt another sound after for a good half hour so bless him he did pick the exact same moment to perform :shock: saying that, i took himfor a walk last night (bonfire night) and he was absolutely fine, the only time he barked was when one wooshed quite close by which he barked at once and then carried on sniffing!!!! maybe the boom was soooo at the wrong moment that all the others didnt matter!!! i mean what else could he do. i thought i would have trouble at poop time but he is fine..i love fireworks so maybe he senced off me that they were ok. noisy, but ok. ;)

6th November 2006, 02:20 PM
Oh Donna how I feel for them, I recall on July 1st here in Canada our campground has a huge huge display of fireworks. I don't watch them as I am inside holding both my babies and covering them with blankets.

This was Darby's first year and he was crying quite a lot, I could'nt wait for them to be over.

Next year I am going to take them for a drive out of the park so they won't hear them. :drivecar: