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6th November 2006, 02:17 PM
i am sooooo an idiot!!!!! big time!! my poor pup, (this could be long)

(jadan is 8 months and 5.45kilos)

some of you have read my problems i had with jadan after his castration,he wouldnt hold his poops over night and i wondered if his op had anything to do with it. well maybe in a way it did, you see...i will try and get to the point.....jadan didnt eat that much before his op,he would eat well enough, but would probably only eat the eqivalent of half his quota in a day, i would pick his bowl up after 15mins and he only ate half and he had the rest for tea but never a full bowl full. until his op then for some reason he loved his food and would eat his whole days quota in two sittings no problem :p well you think this was great appart from the pooping at night :sl*p: :? i thought we had a big problem as some of you know....well.....luckily!!!!!!!!! i accidently purchased his brand of jwb for senior/light diet. (NO i didnt give it to him!) although the ingredients were the same, maybe dif quantities! anyway....i looked at the packet instructions and noticed that the weights obviously start for adult dogs and was trying to work out jadans when i realised i had got the wrong bag. it started me thinking and so i got my ckcs book out and read on ideal weights and there in black and white.....stupid stupid person, i had only gone and thought that adult body weight was twice as much as it should be! i dont know how i made that mistake i really dont, maybe got pounds/ kilos etc mixed up.but i had been feeding jadan twice if not more than he should have had, and treats ontop of that!!! :yikes thats why before his op things were going fine because he had only eaten half anyway!!!!!! i must be the thickest ever :(
luckily he gets sooo much excersise that he didnt put on weight in that short time, but have i done any other damage other than to my head!!? needless to say jadan no longer leaves us presents on the floor on a morning as he hasnt had to hold so much in. i feel so bad about what we put him through, ignoring him etc. :( it wasnt his fault but his his stupid owners :(

check your pups food intake regularly!!!! :sl*p:

Cathy T
6th November 2006, 03:37 PM
Silly silly girl! At least you figured out what was going on. I accidentally bought puppy formula for my pups. Opened the bag and went "what the **" the size of the food was totally different. Luckily I still had some adult formula and the pet store took back the puppy formula.

6th November 2006, 05:24 PM
Least you didn't overfeed him for too long! We all make little mistakes - I forgot to give Oakley his lunch one day last week - a really felt like a very bad mummy... It didn't bother Augustus Gloop (aka Oakley) he just devoured double helpings at tea time! :roll: