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9th November 2006, 08:04 AM
hi everyone, i have a friend who has a jack russel puppy 12 weeks old at the moment...she is coming over 2morrow and wanted to know if she could bring him along...do you think it'd be alright for my two and him to play together or should we keep him separate???

i am only not considering the idea because in his puppy classes even though he was the youngest there he was like the one that bossed all the others around...he was growling fiercly and getting all nippy at a big collie pup who was so frightened that he went and hid behind his owners legs... he has more or less been pretty agressive with any dog he has met ..he just wants to growl and attack them(with humans he is fine)...last weekend he was left with a labrador (fully grown) and apparently everything went fine.

so im wondering if you think its safe to have my two and him together..because knowing my two i think that if he did attack them they would just get bitten and scratched all over and i highly doubt they would hurt him at all even if they were in pain...what do you think?

9th November 2006, 11:39 AM
At the risk of upsetting people here who love JRT's I have never met a friendly one yet and I am extremely wary of them. Out of all the terrier groups, they are the ones I really dislike.

If you want to let her bring her dog over I'd ask her to also bring a lead and then that way if the dog starts to snap you can always get her to put it on a leash and keep it close to her.

If it was me I'd be saying no but that's just because I don't like JRT's & my dogs have been bitten more than once by so called friendly ones :(

9th November 2006, 11:53 AM
Thanks for your advice Donna...i love JRT's but i know how unfriendly they can be with other Dogs. t

he problem is i have already told her she could bring him along (i live about 1hr away from her) and she told me that id have to tell her my decision 2 days ago because she'd have to make arrangements for the pup to stay with someone else...so theres no going back on that one...

i have leads at home so if anything not wanted happens i can snap it on..i have a bad feeling this wont work out too well but atleast i can stop it staright away if anything happens...do you think if we introduced him slowly and carefully to my two they'd get on fine??? im hoping that will work...im now wishing id said no to her when she asked!

Cathy Moon
9th November 2006, 12:11 PM
Nisha, do you have a crate, xpen or baby gated area he could be popped in to if he is unruly?

I would introduce them outdoors, with him on one side of a fence (that he cannot jump over) and your 2 on the other. I'd start off with all 3 dogs on leads, too, for extra safety. Be careful in case he has 'barrier frustration' where the lead or the fence makes him more aggressive.

By doing this, you'll be able to see what he's like and how they react with each other.

Please be careful! We steer clear of JRTs when we have our cavs with us.

I know one very nice JRT named Hogan. He would never hurt another dog, but has on occasion tried to hump others.

9th November 2006, 12:12 PM
You guys know what's funny?

Back home I have a JRT - her name is Sassy. She is the sweetest, most hyperactive, funniest little girl alive. It's very funny because although she's never been socialized greatly, she's absolutely in LOVE with other dogs. Maybe we got the "oddball" of the litter. One thing I will say about JRTs though is you gotta be a pretty strong person to own one of them. Those dogs aren't for everybody. You know what - they aren't for most people. Sassy has destroyed so many things it's unbelieveable. And if you want an hours sleep when she wants to play ~ forget it. But as she's gotten older she's calmed down a bit and now she's just a hyper little love bug. :) Next June I am taking Kosmo home for my brother's high school graduation. It should be interesting to see how much she pesters him.. :lol:

Good Luck Nisha - I find it so hard to believe that 12 week old puppies can be so bossy. I remember Kosmo at 12 weeks - he was hiding under the chair when other dogs came around.. :lol: :lol:

molly+charlies mum
9th November 2006, 12:19 PM
have you got a stair gate that way you could put the pup or yours behind it for a while if things get a bit to much ,i have that problem when my daughter brings her dogs round i wont let mine near them they stay in the kitchen i feel its safer that way as they can get a bit to much..

9th November 2006, 01:25 PM
I love jrts and if I didn't have cats, would probably have got one. :) I was initially looking for a jrt, not a cavalier! :lol: and look where I am now.

Many puppies growl and attack when playing and some are much npoiser and outgoing than others. It is not usually a big deal. It is also good for them to be with adults or other puppies precisely because the older dogs get a chance to correct such behaviour IF it is annoying but 99% of the time what looks aggressive in a puppy is NOT -- it is simply a pup having fun. Jaspar was a complete growler when a pup and was very "aggressive" with then-kitten Ambrose and the two had an absolute barrel of fun. he still growls and can sound very aggressive when playing -- something some misguided trainers would 'correct' for but he is totally non-aggressive in reality. If the trainer wasn;t concerned at this play when the pup was in a class, then I would assume it is almost certainly simply play. Some puppies that are very undersocialised might hide -- as did the collie pup -- but that in itself is not normal, well integrated puppy behaviour in itself! I'd much prefer the outgoing pup to the timid one, which could later have problems with fear aggression and ironically end up being the 'aggressive' dog!

I consider it a big favour to any puppy's socialisation -- especially if the pup doesn't have much chance to mix with other dogs -- to let a pup mix with adults or other pups and to let the adults take the approach they want with the pup which may well be growling or a nip to put the pup in line. This is *beneficial* to a puppy who is otherwise isolated and hasn't learnt boundaries for its behaviour, as it helps teach self control. I'm always very happy to let friends bring puppies to mix with Jaspar and Leo -- one with a particularly wild westie pup was very thakful to have my two around as they are quick to let puppies know they have gone too far (neither of them cares too much for puppy antics and are good in that way for immediately setting boundaries for a puppy).

If you are concerned just ask the friend to keep the pup on her lap or have a time out place for it to go. That's in case it gets totally out of line but a 12 week pup is simply not going to overly bother young or middle ages adult dogs. The only way I'd be concerned about a puppy is with an elderly dog or a dog that might of itself have socilaisation problems as an adult.

Cathy T
9th November 2006, 03:16 PM
We used to have a Boston Terrier that visited us (she's since moved away) and this girl was major energy. When the kids showed us that they'd have enough we'd restrain the BT (mom would hold her in her lap). We've, unfortunately, only had negative encounters with JRTs. Jake first meeting at the dog park two of them came at him head on and jumped all over us. He didn't much care for that. The owner was not very responsive, so when we went to the park and they were there, we'd just go for a walk instead :?

10th November 2006, 07:59 AM
well everythings over now...the JRT (toby) has come and gone now...
things actually went pretty ok thanks to all your advice.
i think it might have just been puppy "aggressivness".

..we kept them all on leads and put them behind a small gate and introduced them slowly...my dogs were overjoyed at the chance to play with another dog and were so excited...toby was a bit fiesty at the start and took a few nips at my two and annoyed them a bit (monty whined whenever he got nipped but never did anything back)...

but after a while (about 1/2hr ...a very long half hour i mite add!) i think toby got the message that it was 2 against one so he didnt try any funny business..

after he realised this the boys had so much fun! they played non-stop for ages and then slept together..it was so cute! i didnt have my camera with my as it was charging - so annoyed! but it wouldve been a good snap...

glad everything worked out ok in the end..thanks all for your advice! :flwr:

13th November 2006, 12:44 PM
Glad it all worked out OK, Nisha :thmbsup: :hug: