View Full Version : Showing teeth?

9th November 2006, 01:12 PM
Hi all

I was wondering if anyone can help us.....Our 11 week old pup Rio is very good however today I tried to coax him away from a wire in the hallway for the lamp and went to put him in his basket with his nylabone and talk to him and he showed his teeth, a slight curl of the lip and nose too.

Should we worry about this ? or get him to obedience training asap? :shock:

This is the first time he has done this and we dont want a repeat performance.

His biting inhibition is getting slightly better but very slow progress. :?

Can anyone help?

Thanks very much for your kindness :D


Cathy Moon
10th November 2006, 12:37 AM
First, I would check him over to make sure that he isn't in pain - could his growl be pain related?

Does he appear to be defensive? I don't know the situation at all, but I'd make sure everyone is being gentle with him, and absolutely no rough playing.

Does he have lots of toys to chew on? When he's doing something he shouldn't, distract him with a toy, and redirect him to a fun, positive activity. Even if you have to pick him up to move him away from danger, be upbeat and positive. Otherwise he may become fearful and defensive.

He is just a baby, so he needs to be in a puppy-proofed environment. Try to block his access to electrical wires and other dangers.

All dogs learn best by being shown what you want them to do, then praise them for good behavior. It's always better to focus on positive reinforcement than on 'punishment' - he may see being removed from a wonderful wire as being punishment. But if he is tempted with a fun toy and a sing-song voice - that's positive! :flwr:

BTW, puppy kindergarten classes are a great idea!! :D